Why A Leather Shoulder Holster Is More Beneficial To Your Body?

Pros of leather shoulder holsters

If you are someone who has suffered a shoulder injury, then a leather shoulder holster is the best choice available for you. For people who have an injury involving rotating cuffs, it would be difficult to draw the gun even from their dominant side. 

Cross-draw holsters are really useful for such people. People having hip or back issues mainly use a leather shoulder holster for their handguns. It is because people having such issues cannot hold too much weight on their wait. 

During the recovery period too, the doctors advise not to carry too much weight on the hips or waist for people who had hip or abnormal surgeries. The people who have undergone such surgeries cannot wear a belt too for a short period. And that is the recovery period. 

Also, some injuries do not allow you to wear the firearm on your dominant side. A leather shoulder holster comes into play during such situations. Leather is one of the oldest materials that are easily available for making holsters. 

The leather starts to develop natural markings within its body as it ages. There are mainly visible markings on the surface of the product. This gives them aesthetic beauty. When compared to the new one, aged leather holsters have more unique designs with eye-catching beauty because of the markings on the surface. 

That is why leather is considered one of the most elegant materials in making holsters. Leather is one of the materials that require very less maintenance. The leather holsters offer good retention and quiet draw of the handgun. 

The three main things to be considered before the purchase of the holsters are the quality, the fit, and the plan. Custom leather holsters are the best choice when considering these points. When compared to other holster materials, custom leather holsters are very strong and pliable. 

Most leather holsters that are customized are made out of the best quality leather. There are highly durable and resist wear and tear to a greater extent. One of the main advantages of using a leather holster is that the holster gets molded into the shape of the gun upon usage. 

It means that the leather holsters can retain the shape of the gun even when they are not present within the holster. The reason why leather is the most favored material is because it is highly flexible. From the retention strap to the leather clip, leather shoulder holsters are made with strict specifications and excellent designs. 

In most cases, leather holsters, especially customized leather holsters, are made with hands. It assures that it can be used for life long. To have a flawless fit for your handgun, it is better to use a custom-made leather holster. 

Custom-made leather holsters allow your gun to be kept in a not-too-tight position. It also means that the holster is a perfect fit with no movements of the gun. When you are having a perfect fit for your handgun, it is easy to draw them from the holsters. More than the beauty ad designs, it is the perfect fit that makes the holsters more useful. 

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