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Which Surveillance Camera is Right For You?

The global security product market has grown exponentially over the past five years, as new gadgets are routinely being created to serve the needs of the market. In 2019, the global security market was valued at around $4 billion USD and is set to grow 15.7% between 2020 and 2027. One particular area of security causing this unprecedented market growth is the rise of smart homes. Smart homes not only offer enhanced usability via intelligent appliances but also added security. New properties are being fitted with internal surveillance systems which are incredibly intelligent, providing 24/7, detailed imagery of the inner happenings of your home. Gone are the days of needing a surveillance room full of clunky recording equipment and computer monitors. Surveillance footage can now be accessed around the clock via smartphone apps, using wifi technology to alert you to any signs of movement within your home. If you are thinking about purchasing surveillance cameras for your space, expert providers at Online Spy Shop offer a variety of security cameras, guaranteed to meet your specific needs. 

Hidden cameras

Hidden surveillance cameras can come in a variety of guises. Cameras can be disguised within teddy bears, alarm clocks, pens, and plug sockets. Hidden cameras allow you to remotely see from the vantage point of the object, in a discrete nature. If for example, you wish to keep an eye on valuables within a study or living room, using a security camera hidden within a bluetooth speaker or pen, would allow surveillance to be carried out entirely in secret, as those objects do not look out of place. Hidden cameras allow for a much closer surveillance experience, as they are perfect for ensuring specific goods and valuables remain safe. More so, as cameras are hidden within objects, they prevent people from knowing they are being watched. This allows you to see someone’s natural behaviour within your home, as people will act differently if they know they are being watched. 

Motion-activated cameras 

The main selling point of motion-activated cameras is their ability to record only footage in which movement occurs, making them very user-friendly and much more economical. Whilst using traditional security cameras means you must trawl through hours upon hours of footage each day, motion-activated cameras cleverly only record when movement is detected. Whilst traditional cameras would be better for monitoring the exterior of your property where more movement would be happening, motion-activated cameras would be best used inside when there is little movement during the day for example. 

Night vision cameras

If you live in a busy city, share a garden, or simply enjoy keeping tabs on the wildlife in your back garden, night vision cameras can be used in a variety of different ways. With crimes often taking place at night, as thieves can slip into homes whilst unsuspecting families sleep, night vision cameras can help identify criminals in the event of a break-in. Studies have routinely shown that even the presence of a security camera outside the home has been known to deter thieves, thus night vision cameras may be a great addition to your home security system if that is a concern for you. 

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