What If Naruto Had The Sharingan


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what if naruto had the sharingan

Which Dojutsu can overcome the Sharingan in Naruto?

Which Dojutsu can overcome the Sharingan in Naruto? The Sharingan is already a Dojutsu Itself. Rinnegan Is an evolved state of the Sharingan, Rinne-Sharingan Is an even better Dojutsu.

Does Naruto will use Sharingan?

Naruto cannot use the Sharingan because the Sharingan is an ability that can only be attained if passed through lineage. Since Naruto is only a distant relative to the Senju and Uchiha clans he doesn’t have the ability to wield the Sharingan. Hiya! I’m the main author of Japan Truly.

Can Naruto implant the Sharingan?

Technically speaking he can implant a sharingan/dojutsu into anyone, but the user must have the stamina required to utilize the dojutsu; so putting it into someone such as Gai or Lee would be useless (No offence to any Gai or Lee fans but their chakra just isn't there).

What if Naruto had siblings?

That means Naruto is leading a comfortable life. If he has siblings they will also be a little like him. But I think one of his siblings will be really sharp and can learn anything very fast just like Sasuke. For Naruto it's not possible to have siblings because his parents dies immediately after his birth.

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