June 24, 2024

At the beginning of the technological revolution, the emergence of personal computers (PC) was a breakthrough in the new world order. It was a game changer for humans and completely changed the way we operate in our daily lives. It made us more productive and most importantly allowed us to share and store our precious data. In today’s age the data has a supreme importance, and in order to store our data there are numerous types of memory banks provided within the computing systems.

The innovation process has been accelerated in recent years, the consumers are greeted with new and improved devices almost every year and since the new version of the devices are often upgraded and packed with more performance and features, people are tricked by these mega industries to buy into new devices every year. The old devices are left obsolete as the new innovation takes charge, for instance, the rise of the ipod was a remarkable innovation which allowed users to carry thousands of songs and media in a single device, and very conveniently kicked Walkman and CD’s out of the spotlight. Ever since the consumption of CD’s and DVD’s has been reduced, however, not completely replaced. The most immediate action from almost every person who’s buying a new device, is to transfer old media/data from old devices. In this digital age, people prefer to carry data on their devices in digital formats and further secure them onto cloud storage. All these shifts in trends and technology has introduced a new kind of market for a software known as Rippers or DVD/CD Ripper, a program that facilitates copying content or media on the DVD to hard disk drive in form of various formats like MOV, WMV, MPEG, FLV, MP4, MP3, AVI,WAV etc in order to edit, backup or to convert DVD media for playback on media players and mobile devices.

Amongst many other players there is WinX DVD, a division of Digiarty Software Inc, which is a global leader in multimedia software development since 2006. The company provides professional solutions for DVD Ripper, 4k convertors, IOS data transfer etc to over 180 million worldwide users. One of their prime products which is the focus of this article is WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, which allows its users to copy, rip and backup DVDs. It is super fast and easy to use and practically converts any DVD formats into formats playable by any device such as iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android Phones, Kindle Fire, Chromecast. The software is used by over 5.8 million people around the world. Other than ripping content it is also capable of removing digital rights management (DRM), a tag that safeguards specific movies from brands, like Paramount, Warner Bros and Disney etc.

The WinX DVD is unique amongst its competitors, what truly gives it a competitive edge is that it’s the only software that have ever reached level 3 hardware acceleration, a standard by Intel (QSV) and NVIDIA (CUDA/NVENC). The software is smart enough to break into protection algorithms on a DVD disk and extract files. It is available in both free version and platinum version and interestingly both versions allow access to view files from other devices such as Smartphones, tablets, iPads and gaming consoles. While doing its core job, this software never compromises on the quality of the video, especially if the user is paying for the premium, then it offers to convert files to MPEG 2 file with high image quality. Apart from the basic and core functions of a DVD Ripper, there are many other extra features, as shown in the table below:

Hardware accelerationYou can use your GPU to increase the speed of your file conversion.
Safe ModeReserved for when your conversion fails or ends up with errors. This mode might slow down the process a bit, but is great to use for a solid DVD rip.
CPU Core UsageSee and edit the processor cores that WinX prompts you to use.
Conversion settingsJust locate the gear icon next to the filename, and from there, you can change the characteristics of your videos.
DeinterlacingThis feature eliminates the effect of linearity, which is seen in many codecs.
ScreenshotsThis allows you to take screenshots when playing a video in the app.
Editing optionsIf you want to adjust the volume, crop the video, or add subtitles, WinX is the best tool.
Resolution / frame rateAdjust settings such as resolution and frame rate.

As final words, this DVD ripping software from WinX is a highly professional tool packed with tons of features, delivers super fast performance (holds reputation to Rip entire DVD file in less than five minutes) as a web based software delivers seamless ripping with no bugs, lags or glitches; offers easy to use interface making it simple to use for users from any age or experience and as a global product it is available in multiple languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese and Chinese) making this product a true solution for transferring old media to new devices.