June 24, 2024


With the advent of modern technology and business owners trying to stand out and grab the attention of their potential customers, it is no wonder that wide format printing services have taken center stage. This is true for all types of businesses and all sizes. Office and home printers have done their due diligence and are still working for some stay-at-home business owners. 


However, if you want to stay competitive and visible in the marketplace, to make a considerable impact in your industry, then it is always recommended that you scale your message to reach a larger audience. Those home printers and office printers can no longer serve you in such capacity. The most important things wide format printing is for consist of standing out at a trade show, special event, promotional campaign, storefront advertising, and much more.


Making an Impression

Of course, you could opt for printing posters for the next huge business event and use letter-sized paper; taping them together and placing them on a wall but imagine how tacky this would look. It is certainly not going to look professional and so, if you want to be taken seriously by your potential customers, it is best to consider wide-format printing for your business. 


If you want to make a great impression on the customers you are trying to reach an event, it is best to consider wide format printing. This is the ideal way to make an impact. In this article, we will throw light on wide format printing so you can understand its effectiveness in getting your message across to the public, but more importantly to your target audience.


What is Wide Format Printing?

Wide-format printing is not necessarily a new phenomenon. It has been around for more than two decades. Since its inception, it has been proven to be ideal for business owners who want to scale their business and become more visible. 


The process involves printing larger designs or graphics on larger rolls of material including paper, vinyl, and others. Special equipment is necessary to do this including large commercial printers. The size of the width is between 18 inches to 100 inches.


With advanced technology, the wide-format printing concept has materialized into a wider selection of inks, material, substrates, software programs, and printers. Cloud-based computing and artificial intelligence have become the additional tools to make wide formatting printing so much more productive and accessible than it was in the past. 


In fact, it has become likely for control printers to be used remotely; setting them up to run on schedule overnight. The most innovative printer models can also report their own shortcomings. With all this in mind, no wonder, the use of wide formatting printing has significantly increased.


Wide Format Banner Printing 

We live in a highly competitive world and especially for business owners, it is challenging to stay above the fray and be noticed. It is imperative that you use distinct marketing materials to stand out among your competitors while piquing the interest of your existing and potential customers. This is where wide-format banner printing comes into play. 


You would consider customizing your banners and using the right materials to make them pop. Vinyl banner printing in a wide format size is the way to go. It can withstand all types of weather conditions including rain and sun. 


Most wide format printing is done with UV ink because it has fade-resistant components, which encourages durability and longevity. These banners are usually made for the outdoors or indoors. 


For that reason, they are ideal for grand openings, trade show events, and storefronts, school events, sporting events, special gatherings, business events, or any specific occasion. You can use wide-format banners to get your bold and colorful messaging across, attracting the attention of your specified audience. In so doing, you can get them to take notice of you; reeling them in to make that purchase.


Trade Show Graphic Printing

Trade show graphics could mean something different to different people attending a trade show. You will find some people gravitate towards a specific banner and others go the opposite way. There are so many banners are competing to grab attention, and that is why it is important to make yours stand out. 


Some companies will have a cover with a logo placed on the table while others will have booth graphics as banners hanging off a built-in pipe structure. Others will display their banners on a stand or attach graphics using Velcro or fabric. Some trade show graphics are designed on fabric, which is then stretched over a frame or left hanging on the floor. 


Trade show graphic printing can be used on tabletop displays, booths, and structures. It is important to choose the right materials and fixtures. If you have no idea how to make your trade exhibits stand out, it is best to consult a professional.


Wide Format Poster Printing

Another possibility for your special event is the use of wide-format posters. These are great for marketing, promotion, branding, illustrations, banners, and artwork, among other things. A wide-format poster should be much larger in size than 12″x18″ with no bleed. In addition, it must be printed using an Inkjet printer and printed on durable photo paper. 


The paper should be thick and be either high gloss or semi-gloss. The high gloss gives off a much higher shine and so it will be easily seen on large prints of graphic or photo, commanding more attention. The standard poster size is 16” x 20” and there are 2 other sizes; 18” x 24” and 24”x 36.” 


The standard size is used for large photo displays on walls or promotional exhibits. The medium size is used for company advertorials, marketing displays, and campaign posters. The largest size is used for promotional outdoor displays.


Who Offers Wide Format Printing Services? 

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