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The Do’s and Don’ts of Graphic Designing

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Not many of us realize it, but graphic design products are all around us. From the logos on our shirts to the apps we use tothe website designs we see, all of it is created using graphic designing. It has not only become an integral part of companies but of our daily lives as well. 

This is why many aspiring youngsters have increasingly been choosing graphic designing as a career path. While it’s a promising path to embark upon, certain things can make or break your graphic designing game.

Graphic designing is most used when it comes to designing websites for businesses since it’s a powerfuldigital marketing strategy that can make or break a company’s online presence. 

Here’s a list of do’s and don’ts that all aspiring graphic designers should keep in mind.

Don’t Go Overboard 

Having a range of font options, color schemes and layouts at your fingertips can get your creative juices flowing. However, while it might feel empowering where you’d want to experiment with different things, it’s essential to stay grounded.

‘With great power comes great responsibility.’ The one thing you don’t want to do is go overboard and make your design look tacky and cheap. Stick to one theme and go full circle with it.

Do Stick to One Color Scheme 

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Colors are the first thing that catches the eye at first glance and have the ability to stick to our memory. Colors not only have an influence on our purchasing preferences, but also have the power to trigger emotions. See certain colors on a logo might influence consumers to buy from a certain brand and ditch the others. For instance, research shows that  vibrant red color will instantly grab any consumer’s attention and even prompt them to make a purchase. Similarly, blue color might make consumers feel that they’re buying from a credible and reliable brand!

When selecting a color scheme for your design make sure you choose a theme that resonates with the message you’re trying to convey so that it evokes similar emotions. A blend of different colors is going to confuse your audience and will rob the charm and sophistication from the design. 

Don’t Complicate Things 

Simplicity is key. While you might have a lot of ideas that you might want to put across, try to go for a minimalistic design. When it comes to graphic designing, less is more. Try to communicate big concepts using small designs. 

Make sure you leave enough white spaces in your design to avoid making it look cluttered. White spaces highlight the elements you want to draw attention to it easier for the audience to navigate through it. 

Do Add Images 

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Research shows that incorporating relevant images in your content can enable 94% more views since people can process entire images in less than 13 milliseconds.  In addition to getting more views, images help breathe life into your product or services and tell visual stories in ways that words can’t. 

Don’t Forget to Check for Grammatical Errors 

While the visual appeal of the design is what the eye catches at first glance, the text is just as important. it’s used to communicate important details about the company and its services. Having grammatical errors or incorrect spellings can reflect a very poor image of the client. Remember that the success of your design lies in the details so go over it again and again until its perfect.

Do Keep the Print Design in Mind 

Often time your design may look great on the computer but may not look so in print. This is because some graphic designers fail to create a digital to print comparison while creating their design. The dimensions and scale of the surface it’s supposed to be printed on is crucial. 

When you extend or expand your design while printing to make it fit on the paper or surface the images might look blurred and the whole design might end up looking fuzzy. Always remember to make a note of the image resolution and bleed lines when creating your design to make sure it looks the same in the digital form and the printed form. 

Don’t Forget Your Audience

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Before you go on designing and experimenting with your piece, take a second to brainstorm and know who you’re designing for. Knowing your target audience is the first step to developing any marketing design or strategy. 

No matter how great your design is, until and unless it resonates with your audience, it won’t be called a success. Make notes of what your target demographics like, what they don’t like and try to incorporate those things in your design.

Do Reflect Your Individuality 

Granted that graphic designers have to work within a certain frame of rules and regulations, it shouldn’t hinder them from being creative. Graphic designing demands you to reflect your uniqueness and individuality. 

Don’t blindly follow the trends or try to emulate what everyone else is doing. Think outside the box and present your audience with something they’ll enjoy and remember. Your unique style will be what makes your design stand out and set it apart from the rest. 


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The author is affiliated with a leading digital marketing agency that specializes in providing fully optimizeddigital marketing strategies for growing businesses. 

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