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quevos where to buy

Are quevos gluten free?

ALL NATURAL QUALITY INGREDIENTS - Quevos are gluten free and grain free low carb, low sugar snacks, made from wholesome ingredients like egg whites, and prebiotic fiber. Are you eggcited yet? QUEVOS KETO FLAVORS - Why have one when you can have them all!

Are quevos chips good for You?

Quevos chips are packed with proteins, fiber, and healthy fats, that not only taste great but also are good for your body. The website describes these chips as, "Quevos are high protein, low carb chips made from egg whites. Finally a delicious, crispy, and nutritious snack you can feel great about eating!

Who is quevos on Shark Tank?

Quevos is a chipmaker through Egg Whites who participated in Season 12 Episode 11 of Shark Tank. Quevos is an original egg white chip and has high protein and low carb which is considered very good for health. Its founders Nick and Zach asked for $200,000 in Shark Tank in exchange for a 5% stake in the company.

How did quevos start?

Quevos began with Zack’s search for a low carb snack. As a Type 1 Diabetic, Zack had to account for every gram of carbohydrate that he ate, and so he couldn’t even enjoy a bag of chips without having to give himself an insulin shot.

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