If you are a new in the world of pot, you may be in the dark on how the measurements are done. The first thing you should know is that the pot is measured using an ounce. You can purchase pot in smaller quantities through a gram at a time; you may do it in bulk quantities. For instance, you will note that an eighth of an ounce which is equivalent to 3.5 grams will cost you less compared to purchasing three grams of marijuana bought separately. Like most of the other stuff you purchase. The bulk you purchase, the cheaper the price will be. Continue reading the article to learn more about pot measurements.

Pot grams

The gram is usually the measurement unit when it comes to purchasing marijuana. One gram is sufficient for a number of joints depending on the way that you do the rolling.

How much is one gram of pot?

Like mentioned above, a gram is the smallest weight of pot you can purchase and it weighs very less. To make you understand more, a gram is one out of twenty eighth of a single ounce. A gram of pot can fit in your hand palm easily.

Other terms used to describe pot grams

There are a lot of terms you will find describing pot grams. It is good to understand them so that you do not get confused in the buying or even selling process. Here are some of these terms.

Dime bag

This is the smallest increment of pot that you can buy. It is usually standardized as a gram of pot. Depending on the country you are purchasing, you may countries using their own terms, but a dime bag is the one used by many countries to refer to smallest amount you can buy.

Dub or bud

In pot measurements, a dub refers to two grams of pot. The actual amount may vary depending on the country you are buying or selling, but it is the standard term for two gram of marijuana.  A dub is not a large amount of the pot as you might think. It can be the size of two big nuggets of cannabis. When it is broken down it can be several blunts or five joints.

How many grams make an 1/8 ounce?

An eighth of an ounce is made of 3.5 grams of pot in it.  One of the things to note is that most of the cannabis dispensaries provide 4 gram eighths for bulk buying instead of purchasing per gram.


How many grams are found in a quarter ounce?

A quarter of an ounce is the same as seven grams.  This can be equal to twelve or fifteen joints depending in how you roll.  Another important thing to note is that there is no standard price for a quarter ounce it depends with the provider.

By going through the above information you are now in a position to make the right choice depending on the pot measurements.


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