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Minecraft Game: Beginner’s Guide


This is a sandbox video game developed by Markus Person and released in 2011 by Mojang. It was later bought by Microsoft in 2014. It remains the single most selling video game. By late 2019 it has sold more than one eight million copies. Minecraft has several playing mode you can choose to play. Depending on the mode you select, you can opt to cooperate or compete against other players in the same world or fight foes that are computer-controlled.  Some of the modes available include a survival mode that requires that players get all the resources required to build the world and at the same time maintain good health. There is also the creative mode, where as a player you have unlimited resources. In the Java Edition, it is possible for players to modify the game with mods to develop new gameplay mechanics, assets, texture and items. Other modes include spectator, adventure and hardcore. The game is responsive meaning you can play it on your mobile device or desktop effectively. 

Minecraft Game mods & forge

As a top video game, Minecraft has won several awards and is viewed to be one of the greatest and most influential video game ever. Parodies, social media, merchandise and adaptations have all contributed to this popularity. The fame has been utilized in educational environments, especially in the world of computing systems since hardware devices and virtual computers are built in it. There are also several spin-off games developed from it. They include Minecraft Dungeons, Minecraft Earth and story mode.  The game also consists of a changeable difficulty system of four levels. For instance, there is a peaceful difficulty that ensures that hostile creatures do not spawn. Besides, there is also the hard difficulty that gives players an opportunity to starve until they die when their hunger bar gets depleted. 

Minecraft skins 

Minecraft Skins offer a fun way to showcase how cool you are. In case you make use of Minecraft mods or seeds, you are in a position to find a skin-matching your theme perfectly together. There is a wide range of the Minecraft skins to select depending on your preferences.  Some of the best Minecraft skins include Bright Girl, Doge, Santa HD, Zombie Taco, Herobrine, Space Paladin and Cthulhu. The most comprehensive website for the Minecraft skins is planet Minecraft. All you need to do is to plug in any search term you want, and you will get the right skin in the huge database. 

About Minecraft skins 

Minecraft skins have an editor that gives players an opportunity to develop custom skins. This is the simplest strategy to develop and download free Minecraft skins for your specific character.  You can change the look of the player so that they are not recognized by the others. You can also customize all the Minecraft skins with the skin editor and deploy them in your world. Minecraft skins have remained to be the top ways to customize the game. There are a lot of the Minecraft skins you can download ranging from gaming legends to superheroes. 

How to make paper in Minecraft

Making paper in Minecraft is not as hard as you may think. All you need are three sugarcanes. You start the process by planning the three sugar canes in the three by three crafting grid. The paper is designed with a crafting table from the sugarcanes.  The designing process creates three papers for every set of the ingredients used. Open the crafting menu, and you get the three by three crafting grid. Arrange the sugar canes on the grid. W3hen you place everything in the right positions on the grid, the paper item appears on the right of the grid. This is just a simple way to make three papers. 

How to make a lead in Minecraft

To make lead in Minecraft, you need are four-string and slimeball. It is created with a crafting table from one slimeball and four-string. You get tow leads for every set of the ingredients you use. Open the crafting menu, and you get a three by three grid. Arrange the string and slimeball on the grid. The row should follow the following pattern.

First row: string, string, empty

Second row: string, slimeball, empty

Third row: Empty, empty, string 

Then place the lead in your inventory. The process helps craft two leads from a single set of the ingredients used above. 

How to make a compass in Minecraft

To make a compass in Minecraft, you require four iron ingots and one redstone dust.  Start by opening the crafting menu to get the three by three crafting grid. Place the four iron ingots and one redstone also known as redstone dust on the three by three grid. The iron gots should be placed in the following pattern.

1st row one iron ingot in the middlebox

2nd row one irongot in the first box and one redstone in the second box and one iron ingot in the third box

3rd row one iron ingot in the middle box

After doing this, you see the compass in the box on the right side. 

Planet Minecraft

Planet Minecraft is a platform, for almost all things in Minecraft. It has a huge fan base who post daily. The site involves several Minecraft things such as blogs, skins, texture packs, servers, mods, data packs and information texts. It provides detail information on what things are, how to do different things and guides. Here you get instructions on ways of getting a command block or how to get a barrier.  There are also planet Minecraft 3D models that are usually ready to view, purchase and download all for free. I this site you will get all the information you need and also get to share with its friendly community. 

Heart of the sea Minecraft

As you play the game, you also come across the heart of the sea Minecraft. It is provided with the major goal of helping in the creation of conduits. The conduits look like underwater beacons that allow you to have status effects.  In the crafting table, you need to put the heart of the sea in the square at the table. You should then surround it with the shells. Actually, the conduit is more of a beacon, but it is used underwater to assist you to swim quickly, have a better vision, and allow you to breathe well when underwater. You should place it under the water and surround it using prismarine to active it. 

Minecraft campfire

Minecraft campfire acts as a great decoration in your inventory. The campfire is available in almost all version of Minecraft. To make it, you need three sticks, one charcoal, one coal and three logs. You should begin by opening the crafting table to get a three by three crafting grid. Put the three sticks, one charcoal and three logs in the grid. Place them in the following patterns.

First row: one stick in the middle

Second row: one stick in the first box and one charcoal in the second

Third row: one wood in each of the three boxes. 

The Minecraft will appear in the box found on the right. Then move it to your inventory. 

 Scaffolding Minecraft

Scaffolding Minecraft is a block used when designing structures to help you reach higher levels. It also helps you to descend without any fall damage. It helps you reach at the top of your building without a lot of struggles. All you need to do is to stack them as you move up. With them, you cannot get injuries of damage as you use them to descend. This is made possible since you can lower yourself through the blocks instead of having to reap off a cliff. Scaffolding Minecraft also allows you to build all types of amazing and great things. 

Bad omen Minecraft

Bad omen Minecraft refers to a status effects leads to a raid to occur when a distressed player gets into the village. It makes a group of hostile people attack and spawns when an afflicted player show is a sign of bad omen enter the village. When the raid starts, there is a raid progress bar that occurs on the screen. Bad omen Minecraft is usually seen as a negative status that players try to avoid. The negative effect, like others, can be removed or avoided by drinking milk. Note that even a single villager can provoke this kind of a raid. 

Minecraft crossbow

Minecraft crossbow is a new weapon that is available in the pillage and village update. It looks the same to a bow. As a player, you will use it to shoot the arrows in Minecraft.  Once it gets loaded, it retains its ammunition even if you do not select it. It is also worth noting that it takes almost three seconds to load. However, once it loads, they require to be used once again to fire the firework or the arrow. You have an opportunity to either to load the firework or an arrow. It can shoot all the bases with the hostile mob. 

Minecraft lantern

Minecraft lantern refers to a decorative block that emits light. As you play, you can place it on top of most of the solid rocks or leave it hanging. It emits light of the level of fifteen, which is more than one that is emitted by a torch.   The lantern helps in generating lamp posts in some kind of villages and usually crafted by the players. To harvest the lantern requires a pickaxe, failure to which it can drop nothing. They lanterns are also available in different types, so you select the type you want as you play the Minecraft game. 

Minecraft stonecutter

Minecraft stonecutter is used for crafting stone related blocks in more precise and small; quantities that the normal crafting. It also acts as a site block for stone mason. They can generate inside the stone mason homes in different villages.  S you play you can get the stonecutter by mining using any tool. However, to get them faster, you should use pickaxes. You can use it as an alternative to a crafting table to create some of the stone related blocks. All the recipes to make it require a single ingredient and generate a single product in different quantities. Besides, it also allows you to skip steps as you craft certain blocks.  

Minecraft bamboo

Minecraft bamboo refers to a certain type of plant you get in the jungles. It is used in breeding pandas and craft scaffolding.  It is generated in widely scattered single shoots in the jungle biome. When you mine it during the play, all other blocks placed above it gets destroyed. It usually drops itself as an item if a piston pushes it. This also happens in case a block is moved into its space. When placed as a sapling, it is weak and can be destroyed by flowing water.  In case you want to change a bamboo sapling into a solid bamboo block, you can always place another bamboo over it. 

Stonecutter Minecraft

Stonecraft Minecraft refers to a utility block that allows players to craft stones in a more efficient manner. In the past, it was exclusive to Pocket Edition. It was used in making stone related blocks like the stone bricks and bricks. It is the same as the crafting table, but you can also make use of it in stone related crafting. Previously it was used to prevent over-coding of the table. It has the same texture to a furnace, but it has a gear and a hammer one of its sides. It also has a big gear on its top. 

Minecraft loom

Minecraft loom is applied in applying the different patterns to the banners. It also acts as a shepherd’s worksite block found in the different villages. You can mine the looms using or even by no9t using any of the tool provided. However, to mine them fast, it is necessary to use axes. In case one of the villages has a loom, not claimed by one of the villagers, it is possible for any of the villages who is yet to choose a job site block to change their career to a shepherd. It (Minecraft loom) can be utilized as fuel in a furnace to help in smelting 1.5 items. 

Minecraft mending

Minecraft mending is an enchantment that helps in restoring the durability of any item by use of experience orbs. It counts as a treasure enchantment and can be generated from raids, chest loot, trading, raids or fishing. Besides, it can also be gotten from an enchanting table. Infinity and Minecraft mending are mutually explosive. This means that it is only one enchantment that can be offered on a specific item in a world based on survival. However, it integrated using commands, both of them function normally.  Experience that is gained by killing a mob with a Minecraft mending enchanted damaged tool minimizes the destruction of the weapon. 

Smite Minecraft

Smite Minecraft refers to an enchantment that is usually applied to an axe or sword. It helps boosts your attack damage against undead mobs such as wither skeletons, skeletons, with bosses, drowneds, zombies and pigmen.  The highest level for the smite enchantment is level 5. What this means is that you can only enchant an item with up to Smite V. Each of the levels adds 2.5 extra damage on each of the hits to the mobs. Note that Arthropods, sharpness, bane and smite are all mutually exclusive. In case the commands are used to have more of these enchantments on similar items, the effects usually stack.  

Sweeping edge Minecraft

Sweeping edge Minecraft is available in the different versions of Minecraft meaning that regardless of the version you use to play the game you can access it. It helps in increasing the damage of a single sweep attack. As you play, you have an opportunity to add any of the swords by use of an enchanting table, game command or anvil. You can then make use of the enchanted sword in fighting and get to see the effectiveness of your sweep attack. The highest level of the sweeping edge Minecraft is level three. This means that it is possible to enchant a sword to sweeping edge III. 

Minecraft fletching table

Minecraft fletching table refers to a fletcher’s worksite block that can be generated in the villages naturally. The tables can be generated naturally inside the fletcher houses found in the villages. Currently, Minecraft fletching table does not have right-click functionality. In case a village has a fletching table that is yet to be claimed by any villager, another villager who is yet to pick a job site block has an opportunity to change their career to fletcher. The tables can be used as fuels in different furnaces. They have the ability to smelt 1.5 items per block, making the game more interesting. 

Minecraft curse of vanishing

Minecraft curse of vanishing gives you a chance to curse an item as you play the game. When you curse an item using the enchantment, the cursed item goes off in case a player dies in the game. The highest level of the curse of vanishing enchantment is level one. You can get it only from fishing, chest loot or trading for the enchanted books.  If a player dies, the item disappears instead of falling on the ground. However, you need to note that the item may also be dropped in the usual way. It is only available through third-party software in bedrock edition. 

Minecraft treasure map

Minecraft treasure map is a structure generated naturally and consists of a buried loot chest. The chest is usually buried in beaches, and at times it can also be buried in the ocean floor. It acts as a single source of the heart of the sea that can be used in crafting a conduit.  Minecraft treasure map structure usually generates in beach biomes, and it is also possible to generate underwater. The structure also contains one single chest. The chest is usually buried by some of the materials in the game. In case the chest gets exposed to water, it then generates waterlogged. 

Lantern Minecraft

Lantern Minecraft refers to light blocks that produce light. There are soul fire lanterns that are turquoise variants designed from soul fire torches. The normal lanterns can produce lights as lamp posts or lamp above farms. They can also be placed on top buildings on snowy tundra villages. Lantern Minecraft can be mined using hand or using any other tool available. The breaking time is determined by the material of the tool used in the process. You also get turtle eggs that are programmed intentionally to give the right support to the two lanterns despite that this makes them to visually float. 

Minecraft turtle

Minecraft turtle refers to a passive mob that moves both in water and on land. The turtles usually spawn in the overworld on beaches during the daylight. However, you get them in small numbers of approximately five on stone shores or snowy variant.  About 10 percent of the spawned turtles are the babies. On land they move slowly but can swim faster in water. Like other passive mobs, you get them moving aimlessly and run away when they get attacked. When on land you find them trying to move in an area that has a water source nearby. The turtles can be attached to leads. 

Barrel Minecraft

Barrel Minecraft is a fisherman’s worksite block that is used in storing items. It works as one single chest although no space above it is needed to get opened. The barrels can be produced naturally in fisher cottages in the different villages. They can also be moved using pistons in the bedrock edition. Lava and water flow around these barrels without any effects to them. Lava can lead to a fire outbreak in the air blocked located next to the barrels making it seem as if the barrel is highly flammable. Note that the barrel never catches fire and it does not get burnt. 

Riptide Minecraft

Riptide Minecraft refers to enchantment to a trident that makes players use it as a way of fast transportation. Tridents that are enchanted with riptide can be thrown only if a player is standing in water or when the weather is snowy in specific biomes or when it is rainy. In such situations, a trident will launch a player with it. When you get to the higher levels, you will be able to travel greater distances. You can also go to higher levels if you through the riptide trident straight upwards.  In case you collide, with another player or player, the tridents deal damage that includes major damage if the player is falling. 

Minecraft kelp

Minecraft kelp refers to an underwater plant that is produced in most oceans. It is usually produced in all the ocean biomes, deep-frozen, frozen, deep warm oceans and around the seagrass. Each of the chunks has 1/18 chances of generating a group of kelp. 

From block loot

Kelp can be mined instantly with any tool or with the player’s fist. Breaking one part of a kelp stalk destroys all kelp blocks above it. Each block drops a kelp item. Kelp is mined immediately using any tool or using the fist. When you break a single part of kelp stalk, you destroy all the blocks above. Each of the block them drops a kelp item. It can also be placed underwater using the hand or anywhere else using commands like the setblocks.  Placing by hand provides it with a random age vale ranging from zero to twenty-four. Note that kelp cannot also be placed horizontally on the water that is flowing.

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