It is not hard to state that pornography sites are now facing some high end competition, as adult industry is booming. Even the government is getting a huge economic share from this source. There are so many new names that keep on popping over the internet, with being one of them. Right from the time this pornography center came into existence, it went viral with millions of followers on a monthly basis.

The owners and operators of the site made huge success through these videos. This site was mostly prevalent for the USA residents, as they used to watch its contents more. If you ever check out some comments, they were pretty satisfied. However, things were not always great for this company, when it was found out that has taken contents from MindGeek and posted those as their own. 

Upon finding the culprit, MindGeek wasted no time and asked the operators of to take down the content, which they didn’t listen to. As a result, MindGeek took legal step and sued for copyright infringement with a whopping $462M as its price. This amount included everything from the content damages to attorney’s fees and more.

Worked through VShare:

From some of the recent statistics, it was found out that the entire content infringement operation took place from YesPornPlease’s sister company, which goes by the name of This same sister company is also known to have its own affiliate program, which actually enabled the users to earn some money based on the number of views they get of any video posted by the same user. 

It actually encouraged users to earn increased posting limits, which ended up with a monetary reward.  While posting any pornography video on VShare, users used to get informed further of one affiliate program, through which, they get to earn money. The main scheme over here is to monetize infringement on the website, which might prove to be quite obvious to any of the general observer. 

So, in place of any static banner advertisement, users will get to periodically show pop up advertisements while viewing their videos on this adult site. To get the damages covered, MindGeek took legal help and that really worked for this marketing giant.

Be safe and honest:

So, this news is enough to show some limelight into the harsh world of pornography site. To be on the top, it is mandatory for the to maintain honesty throughout.