Laptop Trade In: Is It The Only One Way To Reduce E-Waste?

There are many options, but the best option for your wallet and the planet is laptop trade in. These are just a few ideas.

Today’s companies are accustomed to following a linear model that is based on “take-make-dispose”. They produce products that quickly become obsolete and are replaced by new models. This is called E-waste.

What does this mean? E-Waste (or electronic waste) is the term used to describe any gadgets like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. It refers to devices such as iPhones, Smart Tablets, and other smart phones that are not working properly or broken. An EPA report states that electronic waste only 2 to 3 percent of the United States’ solid waste stream. Other harmful materials like lithium and mercury (which most laptops have), ended up in landfills, having a serious impact on our environment.

The linear business model is slowly becoming obsolete due to the awareness of consumers and most “millennials” who care about environmental issues. However, there are also new business models such as the Circular Economy. (Euromonitor International, 2016).

“Waste” in Circular business is not present and can be used to produce new materials. Tech waste can be extended by selling, reusing, recycling, or buying used gadgets.

We will provide simple suggestions on what to do with your device before it is disposed of, as well as information about companies that can trade in laptops. This article will help you to reduce electronic waste.

1. Laptop Trade in

Selling your gadgets can help you reduce e-waste and get cash for them. There are many websites offering laptop trade-in. We recommend that you only choose trusted sites that offer warranty and certification.

First, select the laptop trade-in -of your choice- on their website. Next, answer some questions about cosmetic condition and the functionality of the laptop. To receive your pre-paid label and a box, complete the check-out form. Once you have received it, send it to any UPS location. The company will inspect your goods according to what you have indicated on the form. After the process has been approved and verified, you will receive payment within 48 hours via company check, PayPal or Bank Transfer (Zelle), or Venmo (of choice).

2. Pre-owned Gadgets

You can also help to reduce tech waste by purchasing previously owned electronic devices. These gadgets are usually in good condition with some wear, but they still function well. This saves money and helps the environment by reducing the need to make new ones. You can also get some pretty good devices.

We have already mentioned that laptop trade is a serious business. It is important to take the time to find a reliable middleman’s website for gadgets. Razer Blade 15.6″ (2.2CHz) RAM 500GB in “excellent condition” for $1,043.00

  • MSI P65 Creator 15.5″ Intel i7-8750H 2GHz 32GB Ram 521GB in “fair” condition for $1,090.00

3. Refurbished

If you are looking to reduce e-waste and shop pre-owned devices, consider refurbished products. This option restores the device to its original condition. These are sometimes products that have never been used and were returned for any reason.

Many manufacturers offer refurbished equipment with warranties, such as Amazon Warehouse, Apple Store, Best Buy, and Amazon Warehouse.

4. Recycle

Apple Store, Dell, and Lenovo all offer recycling programs for old electronics. Recycling will reduce energy consumption and help to save money on mining raw materials and manufacturing parts. If your device is functional, most of these manufacturers will pay you money or gift cards.

These are some recycling programs.

  • Lenovo Recycling Program
  • Dell Mail Back Recycling Program
  • Samsung Recycling Direct
  • Best Buy Recycle Program
  • Apple Recycling Program

Clean your data before you recycle or trade in your laptops in

Make sure you erase all data from your device before you recycle, trade in or refurbish any laptop. This is done to protect your personal data from being stolen or altered by others. The reseller ensures that no data is left from the previous owner when purchasing a used laptop. It is better to do it yourself. There are several utilities that can wipe your computer, such as DBAN for Windows.

This post was written by Steven Elia Co-Founder and Recycling Director at eCycle Florida. eCycle Florida is a R2 Certified electronics recycling company in the state of Florida. Our processes and procedures are dedicated to the proper destruction and recycling of your electronics. eCycle Florida is your go-to when looking for an electronic recycling center in Tampa. To learn more click here!

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