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Job Opening for Value lead cost engineer in NR Consulting LLC (Dallas, TX)

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Job Category : Engineering
Company Name: NR Consulting LLC
Position Name: Value lead cost engineer
Location : Dallas, TX
Job Description : Roles and Responsibilities Value Lead/Cost Engineer Requires the ability to trade off innumerable, complex, highly interdependent variables and make timely decisions. The Value Lead/Cost Engineer should be assertive in facilitating design for cost discussions and in making decisions. This is not to say that they make all decisions; rather, they need to know when to make a decision (e.g. keeping the project team on task) and when and how to divert to content experts within the event for decisions that require cross-discipline expertise. The Value Lead/Cost Engineer should be adept and comfortable and managing multiple demands on their time and attention. They must be able to seamlessly transition among these demands while maintaining professionalism and working with the project team. Is a subject matter expert in the application of value methods and design for cost tools. The Value Lead/Cost Engineer is the expert in the value and design to cost discipline. The Value Lead/Cost Engineer is responsible for the content and pace of the costing engagement and needs to have strategies for executing and controlling the engagement. The Value Lead/Cost Engineer is the expert on the use of the Value tools (e.g. costed BOM, cost function worksheet, proposal worksheets, and executive summary worksheet). They should be able to train members of their workshop team to use these tools and be able to answer questions regarding their use. Capable of working with other value leads to improve the value and design for cost work method. The Value Lead/Cost Engineer should be able to work with peers and leadership to evaluate the use of their work method and workshop tools (e.g. costed BOM, cost function worksheet, proposal worksheets, and executive summary worksheet) in order to ensure they are aligned with department strategies and goals (i.e. continuously improve the work methods and tools). Investigates use of alternate materials and provides input on strategic sourcing of materials. The Value Lead/Cost Engineer should have sound general materials knowledge and should be able to challenge material decisions by facilitating group discussions around alternative materials and suppliers. Organizes, structures, and completes projects in an independent manner and leads value/design for cost teams. The Value Lead/Cost Engineer must have good organizational skills and be able to plan and execute projects including scheduling, time management, and acquisition of supplies and resources. Incorporates Reliability, HSE and Quality analysis techniques. The Value Lead/Cost Engineer must be able to bring reliability, safety, environmental, and quality concerns to the event and ensure they are a part of all solutions. Facilitates cross-functional groups. The Value Lead/Cost Engineer must be able to relate to and work with individuals from multiple functional areas. They will routinely work with Technology, Manufacturing, Procurement, Business Development, and Product Management personnel. They should be able to communicate clearly and demonstrate sensitivity to the roles these functions play in the overall delivery of our cost reduction efforts. Demonstrates strong ability to proactively manage and control the value/design for cost engagement while maintaining productivity. The Value Lead/Cost Engineer must always be in control of the cost engagement. This means knowing the process and managing every part of the same. This is a complex and difficult task partly because there is not a prescribed way to be successful due to the dynamic nature of the environment. This requires the Value Lead/Cost Engineer to be able to simultaneously access and use a vast range of experiences including value experience, interpersonal skills, engineering knowledge, and organizational skills in such a way as to create a consistent, cohesive, and controlled environment for the value engagement. Possesses strong interpersonal skills and can motivate team members to participate and contribute. The Value Lead/Cost Engineer is responsible for the productive execution of the value engagement. As such they must possess strong interpersonal skills to facilitate a diverse team of subject matter experts. This means getting all team members to engage and proactively work with other members to improve the cost position of the subject product. Possesses strong technical competencies in design and manufacturing engineering and is able to quickly relate to a broad cross-section of engineering approaches and problems. This is an area that relies heavily on experience and aptitudes. It is not expected that a Value Lead/Cost Engineer be an expert on oil field equipment or the manufacturing processes associated with the same. However, the Value Lead/Cost Engineer must demonstrate an above average ability to understand and connect with engineering and manufacturing concepts. Put another way, The Value Lead/Cost Engineer must continuously demonstrate a mastery of broad engineering and manufacturing principles or what might otherwise be called the body of knowledge of these disciplines. The Value Lead/Cost Engineer should know how things are made and be able to suggest efficient design and manufacturing options for any situation. Possess strong presentation and training skills A Value Lead/Cost Engineer must have strong presentation skills and be able to train team members in the value/design for cost methodology.
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