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Job Opening for RF Engineer 4 in Telnet Inc (Florida)

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Job Category : Engineering
Company Name: Telnet Inc
Position Name: RF Engineer 4
Location : Florida
Job Description : Details Description Minimum requirements: 6 years’ experience in RF specializing in development. Four years’ experience with Clientsystems including Asset, Element, OSS, RFDS tool, SORT, GMLC, RIOT. Four years’ experience with ClientRF development processes and documents including PRFDS, RFDS, port matrix, CIQ, SCF. Successful candidate will also have experience of the Clientprocesses and documents as they exist in the Central Florida market. Pre-Construction Activities Site MOD/ NSD/Cell Split & Excalibur – Site MOD PORs * Evaluate Justification Packages for initial design/ring review *SCIP evaluation of new ring candidates *Attend scoping meeting with Construction, Development, A&E and SAQ counterparts for a feasible and appropriate design *Prepare Preliminary LTE RFDS as per notes from scoping meeting and reviewing official lease documents, Structural Analysis and Construction Drawings *Responsible for maintaining databases integrity between RFDS tool, Element, OSS and Asset, making sure all regional data integrity discrepancies reports are addressed *Action 1A letters in Asset to update height/azimuths in Asset *Create & update Asset with accurate propagation model, site height, Lat/Long, azimuths, down tilts and re-run RF coverage analysis, for all LTE candidates to insure maximum L600 coverage. *Initial RFDS created in the Web RFDS tool and elemenT updated *Evaluate Construction Design documents: a. Confirm design feasibility b. Provide final verification to ensure orientations, azimuths, shadowing, antenna blocking, isolation from other carriers, location, equipment and other items are correct and update ASSET/Element Data base with the final RF parameters like antenna type, orientation, cable type, cable length *Final RFDS/Doc Check includes: a. Create final RFDS with accurate drawings and following all regional guidelines, make sure construction drawing, MLA application and structural analysis are matching final design before releasing final RFDS and Port Matrix; update Final RFDS date in ElemenT b. Run Asset prediction for all technologies with neighboring LTE sites to determine the initial tilts need to be set in final RFDS for existing and new technologies c. Provide an accurate and detailed Port Matrix for all technologies. Ensure its correct and modify as needed *Create Site project Work Order and provide E911 coverage exports as required and attach to work order 45 days prior to Site integration. As required, provide Mid / Mif format coverage as per Clientspecified guidelines *Ensure to follow all aspects of the E911 routing from an RF and database update standpoint (SORT, GMLC, Lemming, Redknee, RIOT, etc.) Post-Construction Activities Site MOD/ NSD/Cell Split & Excalibur – Site MOD PORs *Request RF Planning and IP CIQ (Customer Input Questionnaire) data from Regional RF / Transport teams (LAC, RAC, SC, frequencies, BSIC, PCI, RSI, PRACHCS, etc.) *Gather all relevant parameter data, including special market parameters, to ensure SCF is created as per current market/regionals guidelines and parameter settings. *Create an accurate RF CIQ consisting of RF data, considering the planned technologies per Site, RFDS and the latest market parameter template, consider spectrum clearance and pivots when making SCF files *Prepare the intake for the SCF (Site Configuration File) based on the CIQ information for all technologies present on the Site minimum of three weeks prior to scheduled construction start (Regional team to provide actual SCF and relevant adjacency scripts) *Perform complete verification of the SCF files for all technologies being integrated prior to commissioning (i.e. RF parameters, power plan, software revision, IP addressing) and flag any existing on-air technologies that will require modification due to the new technology that is planned for integration (Example RF sharing Sites) Ensure that the modified SCF are available as well *Create carrier aggregation script files as needed for all new integrations. Upload created files to Clientrequired folder or online drive. Ensure the Integrators have the current version of SCF *Check OSS before releasing final RFDS to make sure existing configuration in RFDS is matching final design. Ensure the Site being integrated is compliant with the latest market parameter template (i.e. RF parameters, power plan, software revision, IP addressing) *Ensure E-911 is provisioned in RIOT and Lemming and test calls are placed and that it passes. Also, that the passing is documented by Switch Operations / War Room before unlocking the technologies Ensure Site has spectrum clearance to transmit before the Site is brought on-air CIQ Validated & 911 Submitted for Routing *Ensure the Site being integrated is compliant with the latest market parameter template (i.e. RF parameters, power plan, software revision, IP addressing) *Support the troubleshooting of any integration issues in coordination with Integrators, Field and Switch Operations and War Room teams. *Ensure E-911 test calls are placed and that it passes. Also, that the passing is documented by Switch Operations / War Room before unlocking the technologies *Ensure RET naming and functionality are properly configured and RET values match the RFDS *Place Site in service and verify Unlocked / Unbarred / Unreserved status and announce Ready to Transmit (RTT) *Announce the On-Air of the new Site / technologies via email distribution *Verify the RFDS accuracy, update anything if necessary and set it to “Live build” *Update Asset / elemenT / SORT /SPOT and other to accurate status, settings, equipment and configuration, including the On-Air status *Verify the accuracy and consistency between ASSET and element for RF related data fields, including but not limited to sector count and orientation, antenna configuration, MHA usage and cell ID, RAC, TAC assignments *Conduct full parameter and configuration audit of the new Site. Correct any issues that is seen. This might include the execution of SON modules, to make these checks and corrections automatic. *Perform full audit as indicated by market including: RET’s, Commissioning, VSWR, neighbors, alarms, and other items marked in the post-integration and On-Air checklist provided by T-Mobile. This before putting the Site On Air. Make corrections as needed *Once on-air monitor Basic KPI’s such as traffic to ensure all is working. *Update COP criteria with Clientlead periodically to capture any latest design changes *Review COP as per extensive scrub criteria provided by the market Approved COP and Site/Technology On-Air email
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