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Is AWS Certification Enough to Get a Job? Here is the answer

Is AWS certification enough to get a job? Many people can’t figure this out. But the answer is; An AWS certification ALONE CANNOT get you a job. 

However, that doesn’t mean they are not worth it. It is important to get an AWS certification especially if you are looking to stand out in your job interview. This is because;

  • It acts as a demonstration of your expertise in the field
  • AWS certified professionals are in demand
  • Increases your earning potential
  • Makes you appear as an expert
  • Proves your passion and commitment to  the industry

We can go on and on talking about the benefits of acquiring an AWS certification as an IT professional. It plays a great role. But the truth is there are other attributes that recruiters and employers look for other than just a mere certificate. 

Here is what Employers Look For

To strengthen your AWS certificate, make sure you put into consideration the following main attributes that go hand in hand with an AWS certificate.

  • Skills

Before applying for any job, make sure you carefully read the job description to ascertain that you have the skills required. Only apply for jobs you have skills on and fit the job description.

Usually, employers are always looking for multiple skills and not only one skill. Be keen on the additional skill set and highlight your best skills on your resume.

  • Experience

This is one of the key factors especially recruiters look for before even your certificates. Include all the experiences and successes you have had, in the past similar projects.

It will be hard to find jobs with no experience. This mostly happens if you are transitioning from one area of IT to another.

There are a couple of things you can put into practice to ensure that you don’t leave the experience field blank during your job application;

  • Do a course that has many practical activities
  • Have sample projects such as Github projects and AWS tutorials
  • Volunteer for a start-up or non-profit work to get some experience
  • Offer AWS services on sites like at low rates. Make sure you complete those projects successfully to get good reviews.

The above mentioned are just but simple ways to gain something to show for your experience.

  • Communication

Communication is the key to getting that job. Make sure your CV is well-written and your mails are well-structured. Be clear and concise in all stages of communications.

  • A Team Player

Another attribute employers look for is someone who can work well with a team towards achieving a specific shared goal. Tell a story about any successful team projects you have worked on.

  • Reliability

Demonstrate how reliable you are. Besides being AWS certified, what else are you? Show your competence and how you step up and go above and beyond in your projects. 

  • Have more than one certificate

Seriously, every other IT professional probably has an AWS certification like yours. It helps to have multiple certificates that add to your credibility and proves your ability, experience, and dedication. You won’t stand out with just one AWS certificate.

  • The certificate should align with your experience

Last but not least, make sure your certificates align with your experience. It doesn’t make sense to be an AWS certified Developer-Associate with an AWS Certified Solution Architect-Professional experience, or does it?

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