For each corporate job role advertised, an average of 250 jobseekers apply.

In such a challenging and competitive world, how can your resume stand out and help you get invited for an interview?

You know your resume is your key to professional success. But what should your resume include? If you’ve never made one before, it can seem overwhelming.

If you’re unsure about how to start a resume, keep reading to find our top five tips for building a resume that will get noticed by employers— helping you land the job.

  1. How to Start a Resume? With an Eye-Catching Introduction

When building a resume, you may only have seconds to catch the attention of the person reading it.

To increase the chances of employers and recruiters taking the time to review your application, start your resume with a concise, clear introduction.

Include your career goals, experience, and any information that will help you stand out in a crowd.

  1. Include Your Contact Details at the Top

You want your resume to make it easy for someone to contact you, so clearly place your name, location, email, and phone number near the top of your resume.

This way, companies can quickly get in touch without having to scan your resume to find your contact details.

  1. Organize Sections for Education, Career History, and Skills

How to build a resume? Divide your information into various sections, each with a heading in bold.

You’ll want to include a section for your educational background, professional history and previous roles, skills and interests, and any additional qualifications.

Unless you have decades of experience, try to keep your resume under two pages. For recent graduates, one page is sufficient.

  1. Proofread and Edit

Your resume is your chance to put your best foot forward, so make sure it looks professional and polished.

This means taking the time to proofread and edit your resume, ensuring there are no typos or mistakes. It can be helpful to ask a trusted friend or mentor to look over it as well, in case they can give suggestions for improvement.

If you need to convert your resume into different formats, check out this free file converter.

  1. Tailor Your Resume to Suit Each Job Application

While it can add time to each job application, it can be helpful to tailor your resume to suit each job ad.

For example, if you’re applying for a job that requires special computer skills, make sure you highlight your proficiency in those skills in the introduction to your resume.

This way, hiring managers will easily see that you have the skills they need for the role.

Land Your Dream Job With These Resume Tips

With the tips above, you can better understand how to start a resume and begin applying for jobs in your field. Getting hired can be tough for anyone, especially when you’re just starting in the workforce.

To have the best chance of finding your perfect job, put the effort into creating and building your resume, ensuring it gets noticed in the pile of applications.

Get started today on creating your resume and before you know it, you’ll be signing a letter of acceptance for the job you’ve been wanting.

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