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How to Enable Adobe Flash Player [Step-By-Step Guide]

You’ve probably encountered Adobe Flash Player during your usual internet excursions. Flashplayer is a browser plug-in that enables users to view particular web content. That’s why you may need Flash Player before you watch specific videos, movies, or even play games online.

Slightly more than 400 million desktops update to a newer version of Flash Player within six weeks of release.

For internet explorer and Firefox, Flash Player is labeled as Shockwave Flash. Despite the name, it’s no different from the Flash Player in Google and other browsers.

Knowing how to enable Adobe flash player is vital for getting the most out of your internet. Most web browsers understand this, so they come pre-installed with Adobe Flash Player. However, in most cases, you probably have to activate the flash player on your own.

In this explainer, we’ll show you how you can enable Flash Player on your browser. That way, you can get the most out of your internet browsing.

You can do your internet surfing without Flash Player, but you won’t be able to access all the exciting stuff. So here’s how you enable it on various browsers.

Google Chrome- Blocked Adobe Flash Player

Enabling Flash on Google Chrome is a walk in the park. When you download Chrome, it comes with Adobe Flash Player pre-installed. Chrome, however, blocks it by default, because it allegedly slows down the browser.

To enable flash player on Chrome, here’s what you do:-

  • On the top of your screen, you’ll see a URL box
  • Click on the lock symbol to the left of the URL box
  • On the drop-down that appears, click on site settings
  • On the site settings drop-down, click on ‘Flash’
  • Click on ‘allow’ on the new drop-down and reload

Voila! Just like that, you’ll have unblocked Adobe Flash Player for Google Chrome. If Flash Player doesn’t work, then it’s probably because you’ve disabled it.

Google Chrome- Flash Player Disabled

If you’ve disabled Flash Player, then all you need to do is enable it. Enabling Adobe Flash Player for Mac is pretty easy, and here’s how you do it.

  • Find the Chrome tab and select preference on Mac
  • Scroll down the drop-down menu until you find ‘advanced’
  • Look for the ‘content settings’ tab and click on it
  • Go to ‘Flash,’ then click on unblock

In Chrome for Windows, you first have to click on the lock icon that’s on the left of your URL box. On the drop-down menu, click on ‘site settings.’ On the drop-down menu, find flash and click allow.

You might need to reload the browser for the changes to take effect. That’s how you enable Adobe Flash Player for Chrome.


Safari is the default browser for Apple devices. It’s also easy to activate Flash Player on Safari. You can do so by:-

  • Opening the site where you want to use Flash Player on
  • Find Safari on the menu bar, then click preferences
  • Beneath the ‘plug-ins’ tab click on websites
  • You’ll get a list full of websites
  • Enable Flash on the website you want, and disable it on those you don’t

That’s all there is to enabling Flash on Safari. Close the window, and head back to your browsing. If Flash Player still doesn’t work, then consider reloading the web page.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is the default browser for all Windows PCs. This is how you enable Flash Player on Internet Explorer.

However, first, keep in mind that Internet Explorer is not Edge. Though both are browsers for Microsoft, they are not the same browsers. This is how you enable Adobe Flash Player on Internet Explorer.

  • On the internet explorer page, look for a cog at the top-right of the browser window
  • Find ‘show’ on the left side, and click on ‘all ad ons’
  • Find ‘Shockwave Flash Player’ and click enable
  • Close the menu and return to the website

After these steps, you’re now ready to view content.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox makes it easy for users to activate Adobe Flash Player. After opening the page that needs Firefox, you’ll see a new add-on icon. It looks like a tiny folder with a blue asterisk on top of it that’s next to the address bar.

Select ‘remember this decision,’ which allows Flash Player to run on the web page permanently. Click allow to enable to activate Flash Player on the site.


As mentioned earlier, Edge isn’t the same as Internet Explorer. To enable Flash on Edge, you first need to:-

  • Go to the website that you want to enable Flash on
  • Click the information icon on the address bar that looks like an exclamation mark enclosed in a circle
  • On the drop-down list, look for ‘Allow Adobe Flash’ and click on it
  • Also, go to ‘website permissions’ and makes sure the slider for Flash player is on

With these steps, you’re ready to view flash content on Edge.

Why Should You Enable Adobe Flash Player?

We’ve already mentioned that Adobe Flash Player is vital for you to access any flash content online. Aside from that, there are plenty of reasons why you should always enable Flash Player.

Here are some benefits of Flash Player for your web-surfing.

Seamless integration– Flash Player integrates seamlessly with rich web applications, videos, images, and audio files.

Adapts to many bandwidth requirements– Flash Player still works regardless of your broadband. That means you can still use it even with very bad internet.

Active and extensive community- Flash player has been in development for a good long time. Adobe still continues to accept developers from all across the world to make the software better and faster for its users.

You Now Know How to Enable Adobe Flash Player for Better Web-Surfing

Hopefully, you now know how to enable Adobe Flash Player for various types of browsers. Download and enable Flash Player to reach your browser’s full potential. The only exception might be able devices which may sometimes stutter or lag because of the plug-in.

Flash player is a necessity for any serious webhead. However, you won’t need Flash Player to check out the other exiting pieces on the site. So make sure you do so.

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