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How to Drive Organic Traffic to Your E-Commerce Website

    The e-commerce sector is growing at an exponential rate. Platforms that were previously reserved for big brands are now accessible to small business owners regardless of their marketing budget. Contrary to popular belief, you can implement an e-commerce marketing campaign on a shoestring budget and still get more traffic and sales. Here are 6 tips to get traffic to your e-commerce store.  
  • Research your audience 

  It can be daunting to sell to an audience you know little or nothing about. The best thing is to be interested in your customer persona. It doesn’t end there, you must stay updated and identify the strategies to retain them as each online visitor has unique shopping habits.  Most brands have discovered that taking this step helps to connect with their target customers easily.   
  • Focus on the right keywords 

  Relying on the right keywords will go a long way to ensure that you show up on the first page of search results. The surest way to achieve this is to conduct keyword research. You can also take a look at your competitor’s strategy. As time goes on, you are bound to find the top keywords that your customers are searching for online. Consider hiring a skilled copywriter to craft your product description and other content. This will help to reduce missed sales.  How to choose the best Web Design and Development Company - Oaky ...  
  • Mobile optimization 

  Nearly every online shopper rely on their mobile devices to carry out searches Bear this in mind as you choose the Best Web Developer and integrate an e-commerce platform on your website.   Some of the features that you should focus on include fast site speed, readability, and intuitive navigation. Be determined to create a compelling first impression so that online customers can refer others to your store even if they don’t make a purchase.  
  • Design a robust digital marketing strategy 

  Since you want to make sales that will have a positive impact on your bottom line, never ignore your digital marketing strategy. Content marketing, social media marketing, SEO marketing, and the likes all create a synergy to maintain a remarkable brand. The good thing is that you won’t spend a fortune if you decide to outsource. Make sure that you weave your content around your unique value proposition. Another thing is to highlight the benefits of your product instead of the features. Remember to create a sense of urgency with your CTA and earn customers’ trust with a few trust signals such as security badges.   
  • Simple checkout process 

  Brands rarely capture the right audience or retain customers with a complicated checkout process. Your best bet is to support guest checkout, offer free shipping, and provide multiple payment options for your customers.  Apart from that, try to recover abandoned carts with email. Automation is the key to achieving success in your email marketing campaigns.   
  • Consider retargeting

  Retargeting has been proven to boost conversion rate and you can easily garner data from online visitors. With this approach, you will able to offer marketing messages and suggestions that fit the shopping habits of each prospective customer. Such customers will likely purchase if you focus on user intent and leverage other marketing means like PPC.

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