How can you Combine Email Marketing and SEO Efforts to Escalate Results?

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is the process of mailing your email list about your services or products as a promotion. The power of the brand can be established in the potential demographic if correctly targeted. Email marketing also mainly focuses on how the content is structured. Thus can be moulded to get the best out of all campaigns.

How does SEO get affected by Email marketing?

Off-page SEO, like email marketing, plays a major role in boosting rankings on search engine result pages. The traffic brought in by effective link building is noticed by the search engine, and thus it helps to boost rankings and stay ahead of the competition.

How can Email marketing and SEO efforts be combined for better results?

1. Increase conversion rates:

People that respond to your mail by going through the content and actually staying interested all the way through to clicking on a CTA (call to action) link are clients of high quality. These new clients must be converted, and the old clients are to be retained through the better content presentation.

2. Structure the query decryption to find out intent:

Innumerable queries on a product or service is posted a day in and day out. Getting to the bottom of these queries can provide a lot of insight into the customer’s mindset and purchase intent. Query decryption can also be structured by sending out personalized surveys that can connect with what is going through a customer’s mind.

3. Deliver content based on personalized queries:

Now that the intent is discovered through surveys and email list polls, the content can be better targeted to segmented groups. If the content can relate to people’s likes, dislikes, fears and other characteristics better, they are more likely to click on the CTAs as they would find it relevant.

4. Newsletters:

Newsletters are one of the best ways to keep your customer base notified of every current post of content being shared. People often do not bother getting newsletters, and most are sent to the spam box in the mail. To battle this, the newsletters and notifications should be of high quality and designed well. It should avoid spammy keyword stuffing and have hot queries that are bound to invigorate a customer’s interest. The New York SEO scene has seen significant traffic after repurposing newsletter quantum.

5. The automated sequence can drive traffic as well as increase work hours:

With emails and their auto-generated responses, it can be easier for a business to tend to customer queries long after work hours. Sequencing responses can provide a business image with a sense of responsibility towards the customers. New conversions can be implemented at all times by successfully engaging a customer query even without having to tend to it. This can drive traffic to the page, which is sure to boost SERP ranking.


Since SEO and email marketing are co-dependent on content structuring, given above is a list of pointers that would help in driving traffic effectively and getting better results.

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