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Four Dimensional Space

Within the 1920’s Edwin Hubble created an approach to showing our world was expanding. This he did by calculating the regularity of sunshine received on the planet from distant galaxies and figured that objects wide are leaving us. This is achieved by calculating the spectra of certain known elements. This theory is dependant on the idea the speed of sunshine is a continuing condition through the World. Light released from the moving body will have the symptoms of another wave length if moving towards or from another relative body wide. Structures, like galaxies, receding from our relative position within the world possess a red shifted wave length, they are longer waves whereas if the object is approaching us we’d possess a blue shifted or shorter wave length. This effect is comparable to the regularity shift from the cars horn because the vehicle zooms by and passes us.

Through this process we have started to the final outcome the further most galaxies are getting away faster. This really is calculated by relating distance with speed. It’s been figured that probably the most distant objects are moving in excess of 95 % the rate of sunshine.

To date technology is dependant on the fundamental concepts of 3d space, available inside a further dimension of your time. Modern theories which derive from 3d space cannot explain our planets or galaxies motion inside the world or explain what mechanisms really control the planets orbiting of the sun. The truth that different galaxies have different cosmic or universal speeds can’t be overlooked, and also the constant conditions functioning on all matter in those galaxies should also differ everywhere.

Inside a 3d world negative electrons orbit an optimistic central nucleus, but we do not the truth is exist inside a 3d world, we exist inside a four dimensional world due to our cosmic universal motion and under these conditions a lot of things are not the same as to the we see.

Inside a four dimensional world, negative electrons have spiral pathways, not circular pathways as explained modern atomic theories. And in satisfying the equal and opposite law, a four dimensional world enables the positive nucleus, also to spiral around negative electrons at velocities proportional for their mass ratios. This really is something that isn’t considered in modern atomic model.

In modern atomic theories, there are lots of mathematical constant values used. A few of these mathematical constant values are without dimensions such as the fine structure constant. Yet without these mathematical constants the current atomic models fail miserably. It appears the constants are utilized to not directly make amends for our atoms motion inside the cosmos, our 4th dimension, which we at Dovada call motion.

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