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Facial recognition technology: all you need to know!



Today, we see data of all kinds, no matter if we can see it or not. This massive collection of data includes thousands of photos and videos available that provide the data set, which is necessary to make things work efficiently. Facial recognition is a new revolution in the world of technology that makes it possible for authorized groups like government agencies and authorities to keep an eye over these records.


What is facial recognition technology?

It is a biometric technology that identifies distinguishable facial features of a person. On an individual level, it helps us to unlock our devices, or go through security at the airport, or purchase products at stores. 


The systems of facial recognition analyze the visual data where the images and videos are made by CCTV cameras. Artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities in the software help in mapping the distinguishable facial features. It searches for patterns in the visual data and then compares all new images and videos with other data in facial recognition databases to recognize the Identity. 


Benefits of facial recognition technology

Since facial recognition technology is a multidimensional concept, it comes with several benefits too. Some of these are –


  • Better public security.

The enhancement in facial recognition technology now provides a better public security system. It makes it easier for authority to track down thieves, burglars, and trespassers. The technology is capable of analyzing public CCTV camera networks. It is not limited to tracking down the criminals, but it can also make it easier to find the missing people. The face recognition technology could also help stop and searches on law-abiding citizens by taking out suspects among crowds.


  • Quick identity verification

With face recognition technology, companies can easily control access to facilities. The application of facial recognition technologies are not limited to physical security, but it also and compass cybersecurity as well. 


As it does not need any contact with the users, the current identity verification methods enable quick identification and verification. As a result of this, companies can also use face recognition technology in place of passwords to access the computers and systems.


  • Better attendance systems

Facial recognition systems are also used to enhance and improvise the existing attendance systems, which are outdated and unfit for modern needs. Since everyone has to pass the face-scanning devices to check in for work, the face recognition technology can actively work here and keep the records.


The process is fast and employees won’t have to prove their identities or use any other methods. In this way, these face recognition technologies can also make the attendance system more relevant as per the modern methods of how records are and maintained.


  • The better security system at stores

Retailers and business houses have been using face recognition for personalized service lately. With better security systems that come with facial recognition technology, retailers can easily identify the subject of interest. It prevents shop retailers from any possible loss. 


However, this still has some way to go to stop misidentification and differences, but there is a massive potential that technology holds here. It also helps in increasing customer loyalty since more efficient and personalized experiences are now possible.


  • Better banking systems

Despite the existing methods where banks use a one-time password to access accounts or to authorize transfers, biometric identification through facial recognition technology can make it much better.


With this, there are no passwords that are more prone to hacking. It can make the whole security system more secure. The benefits of facial recognition systems go beyond online and physical bank branches and ATMs can also use these technologies to deal with all the possible threats to the banking system. 


Disadvantages of facial recognition technology

Just like its benefits, there are some serious threats that come with facial recognition systems. Let us shed some light over some of these serious concerns.


  • Impact on society.

It is a common belief that face recognition allows governments and authorities to undermine privacy rights. In places where there is no personal freedom, the governments have no limit to use the technology as they see it. So there is always a possibility that they could keep an eye on their citizens. They can monitor all their activities about what they say, what do people do, or whom they meet.


In the case of democratic countries, parliament has the power to develop floors that can prevent the happening of such activities. Still, people are always concerned about their security and data privacy. 


  • Data privacy concerns

Data privacy is one of the most challenging setbacks of facial recognition as it includes billions of images and video files while scanning peoples’ identities. It also generates maps when the systems scan people’s faces. 


Ultimately, the data servers store the face recognition data through the cloud, which is quite vulnerable to hackers, just like other computer systems. 


  • Racial bias

Another major challenge of facial recognition technology is the possibility of racial differences. One common misconception concerning face recognition is that it is quite ineffective when it comes to identifying women of people with different skin tones.


However, this is not something that happens frequently, yet facial recognition needs a data set with a considerable quantity of examples on people’s identification. 


  • Less reliable

Another significant threat of facial recognition is that it is less reliable when it comes to security concerns. Even the slightest changes in the camera angle of personal appearance cause errors, and there is no guarantee if the facial features are the same or not.


Even today, other biometric methods like fingerprint scans are much more reliable than facial recognition. Yet, there is always a possibility that the latest industry technologies can fix these issues in the meantime.


  • Lack of regulation

Despite various rules and regulations concerning facial recognition, still, the governments around the world are yet to pass legislation concerning face recognition. It has a significant impact on the consistency framework related to its use and limits. 

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