EPK for This Really Happened 2 – Fuze the Mc

Fuze the Mc is starting up his music-tech career with This Really Happened 2 track list.  The album is going to be released on 11/11/22 by every streaming platform. The music video I Feel Like We Lit     (Cosigned) has been produced by using the artificial intelligence, Hip Hop industry has ever witnessed. The artist has merged up the voices like Dougie Fresh, E-40 and Lavar Ball all together in delightful auditory experience. However, the associated names have just added a little sparkle to the original work of the artist.

Music Genre of Artist:

With his unique music production style as a co-producer, Fuze the Mc is creating a huge new era of artistic base. According to The Source magazine his music is claimed to be “A Classic”. The visual of his music video I Feel Like We Lit is in 3D animation style. The raps, visuals, lyrics, sound track all transparently show the passion of artist for his music.

 This is the most adventures project Fuze the Mc he has worked on.  The artist being an animator has used rotoscoping form of graphics style in his music video. The album has nine amazing title song with a lead single I Feel Like We Lit (Cosigned). In his lead single which is now on YouTube the artist seems to be effortlessly rapping the verse and off course the graphics are amazing. 

The music video leaves a vigorous impact on viewers. For any Hip Hop and animation lover Fuze the Mc album is worth streaming. Through his music video I Feel Like We Lit (Cosigned) artist is inspiring sense of independence and self love in viewers. This album is also the mainstream release of Snoop Dogg’s Death Row Record. Fuze the Mc is really an amazing lyricist, animator, rapper and a co-producer who embarks a realistic idea on his mind into his music video. 


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