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Diving Into The Right Steps For Downloading Facebook Videos With Ease

Taking a look at everything you need to know about downloading Facebook videos. How to save your favorite videos on social media to your computer with ease.


Facebook is diligent in improving its platform by pushing out constant updates, which may add some cool functionality or change the UI for the better. For instance, it’s adding Facebook Shops to help people sell and buy with more ease.

However, updates can also take away some features we had enjoyed in the past. Since 2016, you can’t download videos from its site anymore.

We understand the security implications this has. Still, not everyone has evil intentions when downloading Facebook videos.

Luckily, there are still a few tricks to download videos from Facebook into any device. Keep on reading to learn all your options.

Downloading Facebook Videos on PC or Mac

Downloading Facebook videos is easier on a PC as it’s easier to navigate the steps below. It’s easier and faster, especially if you’re downloading multiple videos.

You can opt to use this method and then transfer the video(s) to your phone later. You’re also free to transfer them to any other device.

You can use three methods for downloading videos:

  1. Use an Online Video Downloader

Web-based online video downloaders are the easiest way to download a video. You only have to go to their website and follow the steps.

There’s a wide array of online tools like this. There are some that you can use on every type of video you find on the web, while others focus on Facebook videos. For tips on what websites you can use, learn how to download videos from Facebook on a Mac here.

Whichever website you choose, the steps are almost the same for each one.

First, you have to copy the video’s URL. Make sure it’s the URL of the video itself and not your feed or a Facebook page. You can do this by right-clicking the video, and selecting “Show Video URL” or “Copy Video URL at current time.”

The latter option copies the URL into your clipboard and you can proceed to the next step at once. In the former option, you still have to copy the URL that will appear on the screen.

Once you have the URL, go to the website of your choice and paste it onto the text bar. Then, click the “Download” button. You’ll often have to choose the quality of the video, as well.

It may take you to a new webpage, which contains the video. Right-click on the video, and click “Save As…”

This will allow you to save it to your computer. Name the file, choose a save file location, and wait for the download to finish. The download time will depend on the quality of the video.

Afterward, you can then enjoy the video you downloaded from Facebook at any time.

  1. Use a Browser Extension

If you’re downloading videos online quite often, consider adding a browser extension instead. Extensions add functionality to your browser. You’ll likely find an extension for downloading videos on the web.

Chrome, in particular, has various such extensions you can download through their web store. The steps to download a video vary per extension. In general, though, the extension should add a “Download” button on the Facebook video.

When you click this button, it will download the video in question to your computer – no extra steps needed. You only have to go to the usual steps of downloading, such as naming the file and choosing a file location.

Most extensions you can use on videos on other sites, as well, like YouTube and Vimeo.

The downside is that you can’t use this on computers you don’t own unless you obtain explicit permission from the owner to download an extension on their browser. It’s much easier to go to a web-based video downloader when you’re using other devices.

  1. Go to the Mobile Version

In this method, you don’t need tools to save a Facebook video on your computer. You only need to get the URL using the same method we mentioned above.

Once you have it, open a new tab and paste it. Don’t press enter or go yet, you still have to change something.

Look for the “www” part of the URL and change it to “mbasic.” The link will then go from “www.facebook.com/xxxxx” to “mbasic.facebook.com/xxxxx.” After this, press “Enter” to load the page.

The mobile version of the Facebook page will appear. It will look a little weird on your desktop but ignore that.

Click the play button; this will take you to a new tab with only the video. Right-click on the video and choose “Save As…”

Follow the usual steps and you’ll get the video on your computer in no time.

Downloading Facebook Videos on Android or iPhone

As mentioned, you can first download a Facebook video to your computer before transferring it to your phone. If that’s not possible, however, you can download directly to your mobile device using an app.

Practice caution when you’re using an app, though, as you’ll need to link it to your social media account. Read its required permissions, review the developer, and look at the reviews first.

Download a Video Downloader App.

Start your search by using keywords like “Facebook video downloader” on the app store. Make sure to follow our tips above to find a good app.

You can also get on Google to get recommendations, but note that some apps may not be available on your app store.

Once you have an app, follow the instructions. In some apps, you may have to log in using your Facebook credentials. You will then use it as a normal Facebook app, but videos will now have a “Download” button.

Clicking it will save the video onto your device — it’s that easy. As we said, though, read the instructions first as your app may use different methods.

Download Facebook Videos Now

Any of the methods above making downloading Facebook videos a breeze. Choose which one suits you best and start enjoying the videos on your computer or mobile phone even without the internet.

Never stop learning, though, as we have a lot more to offer. For more tips like this, head on over and check out our other useful guides right here, right now!

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