June 24, 2024

Marijuana is used both for recreational and medical purposes. If you are a beginner, it is good to know the best ways you can take it to have the kind of enjoyments that you require. There are different ways that you can use it and get the desired effects in your body. This article offers you some of the great ways that you can enjoy your favorite marijuana strain you get at a Pot for Pot.

Rolling it

Rolling joints is one of the top ways you can take pot. This is one of the conventional ways that has been in use for many years. You can either use hemp that is made of papers or use the rolling papers. There are various accessories you can use to assist in pre-rolling your joints like it is done by dispensaries. Another option is to use a mix of tobacco and weed also referred as a spliff.


A filter refers to a small sized cardboard, which is rolled into the end of the joint where you mouth touches. This is done in order to help in filtering particles and smoke. Besides, it also helps prevent the end from becoming wet.

Papers, wraps and blunts

A true blunt is a unique cigar that is usually wrapped in a blunt wrap, made from tobacco leaves. To get joints of various sizes, there are several options for the papers or wraps you can use to roll up the pot when smoking. Hemp papers are available in various sizes some that have filters. There are also the usual rolling papers that are available in different sizes.


Taking your marijuana strain bought at a Pot for Pot in bowls is a great way to enjoy it. You fill the bowl with your favourite strains. There are several options and you just select the one that is easy for you to pack, offer fun or one that is easy to pack. There are different types of bowls that you can use to enjoy your weed.  Pipes are the best option for personal use and differ in sizes. They are available in titanium, wood, glass among other materials. You can also use bubblers that are perfect because they are more portable.


Bongs look like regular pipes or bowls on steroids. They are bigger compared to regular bowl. Bongs also have a water chamber, meaning that as you smoke, the smoke goes through the water before it can go to your lungs. They are popular because of their big smoking chamber that can hold a large amount of smoke and release a large puff when you release.


There are different types of BATS you can use to smoke weed. They include:


This is the most favorite BAT among many marijuana users. They are easy to conceal and pack for when you require a little hit. If you want to take weed discreetly, this is a great option for you.


Chillums are available in both small and big sizes.


This is a small wooden box with two chambers. You get your weed on the dugout and you are ready to go.