Apart from knowing how exactly you should use the home inspection cost calculator you should also know about all those different variables that will affect the cost on the whole. All home inspection costs are estimated on different data that are aggregated from different database as well as other reliable sources. However, a few home inspection companies also use different data collected from their consumers to determine the cost of home inspection. If you want an inspection to be done on your home but do not have any idea about the cost, you can check it out from HomeAdvisor and Angie’s List to know how much home buyers actually paid for an inspection.

Looking at the different variables

The different variables that will affect the home inspection cost are the location and region of the home as that will determine the travel time of the home inspector. The size of your home will also affect the cost and it is needless to say that a larger home will cost you more to get inspected. Older homes will also cost you more because there is a high chance of lead-based paint and radon existence. In addition to that, the condition of the real estate market will also determine the cost of home inspection.

The inclusions in the list

Though the cost will not affect the quality of home inspection, provided you hire a reliable, certified, and reputed home inspector, the inclusions and types of services offered will surely affect the final bill. Therefore, you should essentially know what exactly is included in the service package. Remember, the service type and inclusions are at the sole discretion of the company you hire. However, you can expect to have a few common areas of your home to be inspected such as the roof, exterior, foundation, grounds, basement, heating and cooling sources, fireplace, attic, plumbing, electrical, insulation and ventilation, windows, doors, and interior.

Who pays for it?

 In most of the cases, it is the buyer who pays for the home inspection. When done, this actually becomes a part of the investment which enables them to know about the strengths and weaknesses of the home. However, the seller may also pay for these inspections but that will entirely depend on different factors such as the terms of the contract. They may actually do the repairs or give the buyer a credit towards the cost of the home.

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