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Celestia Vega

Celestia Vega is a twenty years streamer, old gamer, vlogger and social media star. She is also known for her role as a former adult film star. Born on August 12th 1998 in California United States of America, she began her career in 2015 when she joined the twitch platform. Here she streamed various games she played. After gaining popularity online, she started showing her content on different online platforms including twitter, YouTube and instagram. In addition, she began to produce vlogs and other kinds of videos besides the games. She had a short stint in the adult industry, but left, which also made her pause her activity in the different social media platforms. In May 2019, she made a comeback and made the announcement that she would venture again in gaming and focus on streaming.  

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Early life

Celestia Vega grew up in California. No information has been provided regarding her parents or siblings names yet. However, she confesses that her parents introduced her to books and this makes her develop interest in reading. It is alleged that at one time when she was young, she would read three books simultaneously.  She also had a deep interest in art especially painting and music. At the age of five, she began to learn how to play guitar. Her favorite childhood games were adventure quest, crash bandicoot, tekken and many more. It is also interesting that when she was young, she would pretend to have bad vision so that her parents would buy her glasses because she enjoyed wearing them. 

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Personal life

In terms of her relationship, she always mentions her boyfriend on her twitter account. However, his profession and names are yet to be known to the public. Currently she lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and stay with her several pets including an iguana, two rats and cats. She has always had issues with anxiety and depression. She states that she used gaming as an escape for problems and stresses in life. Playing such games would make her interact with other like-minded people.

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Physical characteristics and appearance 

Celestia Vega is five feet and four inches tall and has a fit figure. She is blue eyed, but in her career journey she has changed the color and length of her hair severally. Currently she has a medium length red hair. 

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She attained her high school education in New York. In her videos, in which she gives out fifty facts about herself, she confesses that she would not fit to any of her classmates groups. She would spend most of time playing video games. Vega attended a classic music school for 8 years where she used to play guitar. 


Vega has various hobbies including playing guitar, writing poetry, reading books and drawing. In addition, she also like watching horror movies and other programs that involve conspiracy theories. In terms of sports, she likes cross country and soccer.

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Beginning of her career 

Celestia Vega began her online presence on twitch platform where she was involved in games streaming. She joined the platform in March 2015. Her first game to streamline was Runscape. At this time, she focused more on the role playing games. With more experience, she was approached Zoie Burgher, who contributed to her breakthrough online. 

With time, she started using other online platforms such as twitter, instagram and Youtube. She got involved in more content including those involving sexual activity that was seen as controversial. Together with Zoie, they got a lot of critics for some of their excess sexual content. Some of the content included wearing of transparent clothes and also selling of their nude photos to fans online. Later Burgher invited her to join her female only esports team. Together with the team they were involved in several activities that included sports competition, streaming games and providing adult content through online platforms such as Snapchat. 

In 2017, she had a fight with Burgher, which made her to leave the group. It was alleged that the fight was as a result of Vega focusing more on porn which was supposed to be the last option. She left the group and posted her first adult film on her official YouTube channel. It was her wish to try her luck in the adult film industry and she seemed satisfied at the beginning. Her adult videos made her more popular. She got banned on Instagram for posting sexually explicit content. Vega discussed her new career on her twitter posts, Youtube Videos and Twitch streams. 

Return to gaming 

In 2018 December, she surprised her fans when she went off her social media platforms for several months. No one was sure why she had decided to take this drastic decision. However, she would later on 17th March 2019 release a video title “I’m back” on YouTube. In the video, she explains how she grew up with disillusion with the adult content industry. Vega explained that she had the desire to leave her old life behind and stop the production of sexually related content. She went back to gaming and began to stream regularly on Twitch once more. 

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Net worth

Vega became popular in her teenage years. It is estimated that of Mid-2019 she had a net worth amounting to two hundred thousand US dollars. Despite the stint that she went underground, she has managed to regain back her streaming career and is one of the top Twitch female gamer. 

Social media presence

Like most other celebs, Celestia Vega has a strong media presence. Her twitter account has more than one hundred and thirty thousand fans and her new accounting has a base of more than twenty four thousand followers.  Vega Youtube channel enjoys more than five hundred and eighty thousand subscribers. Her instagram is set as private, but has almost twenty five thousand followers. Celestia Vega reddit gives her fans an opportunity to comment and give opinions about her and also her games. According to google People also search celestia vega, celestia vega porn, celestia vega nude, celestia vega reddit about her. Here people give opinions and what they would like her to improve. 

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