BulkLikn.com and Similar Services – Worth to Try?

I am an SEO expert and have worked in this industry for last four years. I often use online SEO tools and software. Apparently, according to network-tools.com, Bulklink.org was launched in around 2013 and offers a free backlink generator, search engine submission, and bulk ping service. Though Google released its Penguin update more than a year ago and millions of bulklink generators got slapped afterward, I still see lots of bulklink generator services online today! Why do people still use such tools? Are they worthwhile? Having tested bulklink.org with one of my new websites, I was able to find out the answer to these questions.

As I mentioned, I tested bulklink.org with one of my new websites. There is no need to worry, since it’s a new site. Google Webmaster Tool verified my website, Alexa and Bing, and I submitted my sitemap.xml through Google Webmaster Tool. The tracking code for Google Analytics was added to the robots.txt file. Alexa ranks that website at around 8400K, so everything seems fine. The pagerank toolbar of Google will not be updated, therefore I use Alexa ranking. Google’s Pagerank toolbar does not work with Alexa rankings. Check out Alexa’s official post about how traffic ranking is determined if you’d like to learn more.

As a whole, I’m okay with my site’s Alexa rank being 10 million since it’s new, there aren’t many contents, and there aren’t many backlinks. I was thinking about a way to move this site’s rank under 5000K from 8400K! So I submitted my website link to bulklink.org! All search engine and ping options were selected, the captha was filled in and the “Submit” button was pressed. Note that I did not select the Backlink options. Since I want to test it out, I did not Don’t let me get automated backlink! I don’t wan’t to get automated backlink for my site. I know how to get quality backlinks and I don’t need tomated backlink for my site. I am just curious to see whether there is any advantage of using this tool.

You would have to wait a while for the whole process to finish after you click the “submit” button. Whenever you want, you can stop/pause the submission process. You can see the submission statistics. It’s nice to be able to pause/stop the submission process. You have the option of pausing or stopping the process if you encounter any suspicious or bad links. It has finally finished (after half an hour or more, I have slow internet connectivity! Because I want to test it out, I did not select the Backlink options.ternet connectivity). My site’s Alexa ranking will impact my business now!

As of the next day, I checked my site’s Alexa ranking and there hasn’t been much change. This disappointed me. How can I benefit from such services?! Although, I thought I would check again tomorrow and if there is nothing satisfactory, I would not bother checking again. I checked my site’s Alexa ranking the following day and was somewhat overwhelmed. There was nothing I could do after that. After I submitted, I didn’t do any link building or anything else because I wanted to see the impact. Although I do not know how my new site’s Alexa ranking is down to 5600K, I do believe that I can leverage such services in a meaningful way. Because of bulk pinging and search engine submissions, I don’t think Google would penalize my website because I didn’t choose automated backlink options. Should we ping a new site to make its contents indexed faster by submitting it to hundreds of search engines? I don’t think so. It was a brand new site. Can anything go wrong? For my upcoming new sites, I’d like to try similar tools to bulklink.org!

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