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Attracting the Right Attention: How to Market Your Business Photos on Instagram

If you want people to see your business photos, you need to know how to market them. Click here to learn how to market photos on Instagram.

Every month, one billion users log into Instagram. What are you doing to get your business in front of them?

Brands are flocking to Instagram for its marketing potential. Almost 90% of top brands have a presence on the social media platform.

Are you already on Instagram and aren’t getting the traction you want? Do you not have an account and don’t know where to start?

Log into Instagram right now and get ready to grow. Our guide is going to show you how to market photos on Instagram and grow your business.

Create a Business Account

First things first, make sure your account is a business account. You need to have a professional presence online and access to marketing tools.

It’s easy to do. Go into your settings, then options, then switch to a business profile.

Now you’ll have access to insights and measurement tools. You’ll also be able to create ads.

High-Quality Pics

Smartphones make taking great quality pics easy and convenient. If you have one with a good camera, practice taking photos of your products to get comfortable using it.

To take it to the next level, consider investing in a DSLR camera. They can be pricey but give your photos a professional polish.

Craft a Strategy

To grow your audience and increase conversions, give your audience what they want. Look into your business profile tools to see which pics get the most engagement.

Figure out what time your customers are on and schedule your posts then. See which hashtags draw new customers to you and if location tags help bring new customers to the page.

Get Creative

You’ve got a professional profile full of high-quality images. You know what customers want to see and when they want to see it.

Try experimenting with some of Instagram’s fun add-ons like stickers and filters. Use Instagram stories to give a more personal and behind-the-scenes look into your company.

If you’re feeling creative, try to get artistic with your photos. You can make a collage, remove photo background, and add shapes and text.

Be Engaged

Don’t just release photos into the wild and expect them to do all the work. It’s called social media for a reason!

You need to be engaged with your followers on your platform. Respond to their comments and answer any questions they have.

Make it easy for them to shop with you by adding updated links in your bio or in the comment section. Include a strong, yet natural, call to action.

Market Photos on Instagram Successfully

Getting your pics noticed on Instagram isn’t one size fits all. Our guide on how to market photos on Instagram will get you started and help you create a personalized strategy to grow your business.

Adding photos to Instagram is only the beginning. Use your business tools to find out what customers want and remain engaged with your fans and followers.

Want to master Instagram and other social media platforms? Check out our other social media articles to grow your business online!


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