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8 Powerful Content Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business Online

Digital marketing is here to stay. The best way to ensure the success of your business is to have an online presence. But with so many things out there on the web, how do you make your content stand out?

If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s easy for your digital presence to get lost in the ether. But by making a few key strategic moves, you’ll be able to grow your business online.

Keep reading for eight powerful content marketing tips that will bring your brand to the forefront.

1. Make SMART Goals

The biggest mistake that businesses make is going into content marketing without a plan. You need to establish clear goals in order to be successful. These goals should follow the SMART acronym: Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.

Don’t make overarching goals like “I want my marketing strategies to promote my business.” Your goals should be specific so that there’s no doubt as to whether or not you achieve them. Specifically, what is content marketing going to accomplish for you?

These goals should be quantifiable so you can easily measure them. A good example of a measurable goal is: “I want to gain fifty Instagram followers through this social media campaign.”

These goals should also be doable within a short time frame. If your goals are unrealistic, there’s no sense in making them in the first place.

2. Know Your Audience

Define your target demographic so that you can market directly to them.

Would you talk to your best friend the same way you’d talk to your grandmother? No. That’s why you need to know exactly who you are marketing toward.

Make a list of their age, geographic location, education level, etc. This list will help you determine their pain points.

In other words, what do they need? How can your product or service address those needs? This will help you generate content that is relevant to your audience.

3. Develop Your Brand

You already have your business, but have you developed your brand? Your brand is more than what you do. It is how you are perceived by your audience.

If you plan to write a weekly blog post, you don’t want it to sound as though a different person wrote every single post. Develop your brand voice and delivery. This will help you deliver consistent content to your audience.

4. Grow Your SEO Knowledge

You don’t need to be an SEO wizard to be successful at content marketing, but you do need to have a basic working knowledge of the subject. SEO stands for “search engine optimization.”

Essentially, SEO is the process by which you can maximize your search engine ranking. Contributing factors are things like relevant keywords and phrases. By understanding how a search engine will rank your content in comparison to similar pages, you can increase the number of hits your content will receive.

This will increase your visibility and help you grow your brand.

5. Create Relevant Content

Now you need to double down on producing original, relevant content. What does your content offer your audience that other sources cannot?

Whether it’s a blog post, a webinar, or a social media post, your content needs to address your audience’s pain points. Any content marketing agency will tell you that another important aspect of content relevance is shareability.

Your content needs to be something that your audience will want to share with others. You on your own can only reach so many people. But if your content is shareable, your audience will spread your message far and wide.

6. Engage with Your Audience

But your work doesn’t stop there. Your brand will grow faster if you consistently engage with your audience on your platform.

This opportunity can present itself in a couple of different ways. If you post blogs, respond to people’s feedback in the comments section. If you post something on Facebook, respond to people’s comments or direct messages.

Another great strategy is to repost audience content. For example, if you sell make-up, repost someone’s video of them trying out your new mascara. In fact, encourage people to post about your brand so that you can repost it.

This does two things for you. First, it gives you automatic content that you don’t have to create. Second, it will grow your brand because people will want to be featured on your page.

7. Establish and Market Your CMS

A great way to grow your brand online is to utilize a CMS, or content management system. A CMS helps you build out your site without needing to be able to code.

The benefit of a CMS is that it allows you to create a polished website without any website building experience. This gives you a platform on which you can deliver your content.

Platforms like WordPress are great places to begin building a webpage that will be usable for you and for your audience. A CMS will help you build a site quickly and be able to begin sharing it with your target audience sooner. After you build your site, start attracting visitors by finding someone who specializes in WordPress marketing.

8. Track Your Content Performance

Remember how we said that your goals should be measurable? Now that you’ve been releasing content into the digital world, you need to evaluate whether or not it is meeting your goals.

Many websites have analytics tools to help you figure out how your page is performing. Once you evaluate your content, you can shape new goals for the future.

Remember, the point isn’t to meet your goals and be done. The point is to evaluate your progress and make new goals for the future.

Build Your Brand With Content Marketing

Building your brand is a steep task. But fortunately, content marketing is completely accessible to all entrepreneurs. All you need to do is learn the strategies and use them to your advantage.

That said, the digital world never stops evolving. Start growing your brand using these eight tips, and keep learning as you go.

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