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7 Business Benefits of Using Firewall Security Protection

Did you know that 60% of small businesses do not survive after a cyber-attack?

A common misconception of cyber-attacks is that the large firms are the most vulnerable and that firewalls are only ideal for them. The truth is that both small and large firms are on the receiving end of the attacks; hence firewalls are suitable for all businesses.

A firewall monitors the traffic entering and leaving your computer systems, making it easy to identify suspicious activities. There are other benefits of firewall security, which entrepreneurs like you enjoy using this data protection method.

If you have a business or intend to start one, it’s time you start planning on when you will get a strong firewall for your firm. This guide will discuss the top seven benefits you can enjoy by making such a wise business move. Please read them.

1. Prevents Hacking

A new cyber-attack happens after every 39 seconds.

Hackers are becoming smarter than ever as technology continues to advance. They are always on the move looking for unsuspecting businesses to steal vital data and mess with their entire business documents.

In simple terms, a hacker is any person who breaks into your business computers to steal, change, or delete vital information.

Great firewall protection can reduce your vulnerability to hackers and protect you. Wondering how? Well, a firewall works like a filter. It settles on the line between your business network and the external networks.

When a hacker tries to hack you through emails or other means, the firewall detects that suspicious activity and sends alerts to you and your management. The level of protection you get entirely depends on the type of firewall you are using.

Here are the main hacking activities which a firewall can protect you against:

Financial Crimes

Hackers often steal business cards, spy on financial transactions, and carry out other financial crimes. A great firewall can prevent hackers from accessing your business’s financial information, thus, making your business data safe.

Corporate Espionage

Your competitors may hack you to spy on your business moves for their own benefit. Mostly, they use spyware, which secretly keeps an eye on your business activities. A strong firewall may protect you against that.

Other hacking activities that you can escape by having a firewall include activism and vandalism.

Both hardware and software firewalls can protect your business against the above types of hacking. But if your business is large, you may get additional business networking software to explore the full benefits of using a firewall.

2. Stops Malware Attacks

Malware is any program that alters the standard computer programs. The malware is usually attached to another program or file. As you open that file, the malware gets into your business computers and deletes, changes, and causes other adverse effects.

Most entrepreneurs rely on antivirus programs to protect themselves against malware. But did you know that a firewall, too, can offer better protection? If you use antivirus and feel that it’s not reliable enough, a firewall would be an ideal solution.

As mentioned earlier, the firewall blocks the entrance of all suspicious programs to your computer. Better yet, it notifies you of the suspicious activities so that you can check them. This means that it’s quite hard for any malware to find its way into your devices.

The main types of malware which the firewall protects against include:

Adware and Malvertising

Adware is any false advert that uses promotions, discounts, and other attractive words to convince people to click the ad. Usually, the ads don’t have any truth in them.

Malvertising is the use of legit ads to steal from unsuspecting entrepreneurs. Though the ad is genuine, it may be attached to infected programs.


As mentioned, a spyware program is designed to spy on your computer programs. It can dispose of your vital business documents to your enemies.


A Trojan resembles a legitimate program, while it’s an infected program. You can infect entire files on your computer by clicking on it.


Worms don’t attach themselves to files. Instead, they slither into computers when the network is not protected. They can quickly move from one computer to another, which means that they can infect all the computers in your business.

There are other types of viruses, too, though the above are the main ones. Don’t rely on the antivirus only; find IT experts to help you install a strong firewall based on your business needs.

3. Secures Your Remote Employees

Do you have remote workers? If yes, then a firewall will be a great advantage to your business.

Technology has made it easy for organizations to coordinate well with their mobile/remote workers. However, the hacking risks can interrupt the communication between you and the employees and cause significant inconveniences.

When the employees work outside your office, they get outside your ISP, too, meaning that you can’t manage your network well.

Unless they are using a different network connection, the intruders will always have their way to your networks, which means that your business will be at risk.

A firewall can solve this problem. It secures the connection between in-house employees and remote employees. Intruders and other parties cannot cause interruptions to your network, which translates to a better working environment.

The exact type of firewall to use depends on how far your employees are. If they are miles away, you might need the best and most robust firewalls to offer the most reliable protection.

The ideal firewall can also depend on the number of remote workers you have in your business.

Don’t rush to get any firewall you see in the advertisement. For your security, it would be best if you seek IT support on the ideal firewall protection, which would enhance safety.

4. Promotes Privacy

Privacy invasion is one of the worst things that you would like to happen to your business. As an entrepreneur, you need time to concentrate on your business activities and work in peace.

Sadly, hackers are always looking for new ways to invade the privacy of business. From emails to social media accounts, cyber attackers use any resource available for them to get into people’s computers/devices.

That’s why it is advisable to have a strong firewall for your business. With it, you can always be sure that no one is trying to get into your systems. And even if they are there, you will get timely alerts to block and report them.

Increased privacy in your business can translate to:

  • Better adherence to data protection and privacy measures
  • Fewer breaches which can hurt your business
  • More trust from your clients and business partners
  • Better ethics
  • Stronger business reputation

If privacy is imperative to your business niche, a firewall would be a valuable investment.

However, you will still need to consult reputable IT experts to help you choose the right firewall. Remember that there are numerous types of firewalls, and you will need the best if privacy is of the essence to you.

In addition to installing the Firewall protection, you will need to train your employees (both the in-house and remote workers) to maintain privacy.

5. Prevents Data Loss

Data loss is a big problem for businesses of all sizes. The loss translates to spending more money and time on the recovery process.

You can lose your vital business data through human error, viruses, accidental deleting or even hacking. Some causes of data loss cannot be prevented, but the good thing is that you can always retrieve your data with a firewall.

A firewall has a unique setting known as “look inside,” which keeps an eye on your files and other things within your computer/device. This feature allows you to retrieve any information that is accidentally removed from your computer.

Be it deleting or hacking, you’ll always get a copy of your information. Also, you can track the malicious outsiders who steal your vital business data using a firewall.

The effects of data loss can affect your reputation and even lead to the closure of your business. Find experienced IT experts to help you install a firewall and prevent the effects of data loss.

6. Blocks the Unwanted Sites

From the ping pong tables to the open office plans, many distractions would prevent your employees from meeting their targets. And while it’s advisable to maintain a balance between work and social life, such activities can lower your business productivity.

If your employees use computers at work, the chances are high that they also get into other unwanted websites. You may never know what they do unless you spy on the websites.

Thanks to the firewall, you can block the websites which your employees waste time on. Such websites can include:

  • The online shopping websites
  • The live video streaming websites such as Netflix
  • Pornography and gambling sites

You may also block social media websites using the firewall. In line with this report, 65% of employees believe Facebook is the main distraction to employees during working hours.

With a firewall, you can block the websites during working hours only or stop them forever. However, you should at least inform your employees of your new decision for transparency reasons.

You should also find a reliable team of IT experts who will help you in the blocking process without causing other inconveniences.

Other methods that you can use to filter some websites in the workplace include employee monitoring software and browser extensions.

7. More Business Productivity

It’s the goal of every business to save operation costs while still getting the most profit. But can you achieve this while still dealing with regular attacks? Of course, not, and that’s why it’s crucial to invest in a firewall.

The firewall can improve your business productivity in many ways. First, your team will not have to spend much time in the security work. They will also not have to keep checking if all the documents are intact or if there has been any case of file distortion.

Instead, they will be using that time to focus more on their work. Remember that you don’t need to oversee the firewall, as it sends alerts only when it detects a problem.

Secondly, you can save the costs of hiring more employees to inspect and monitor your servers, and so on. One or two IT experts are enough to oversee the primary operations since the firewall will be offering the utmost protection to your firm.

What’s more, both you and your employees will have the peace of mind you need to carry on with your business operations. A settled mind is a productive mind. If you are concerned about productivity in your business, then a firewall is a must-have.

Contact reputable IT experts to help you in getting the ideal firewall for your business. The experts will also offer helpful advice on managing the firewall, the dos, and don’ts, etc.

What Firewall May Not Protect

Now that you know the benefits of an internet firewall, it is also important to mention that a firewall may not offer total protection. This means that you still need to continue with your other data protection methods to provide comprehensive protection to your business.

One of the things that the firewall may not protect is spam. As an informed business owner, you should avoid opening any messages/ emails which look fishy. You should also enlighten your workers on the same.

Another risk which firewall may not protect is the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS). It’s a method which hackers use to overwhelm your system with emails so that the servers can be overwhelmed and become prone to hacking.

Your IT service provider should educate you well before the installation to make an informed decision.

Explore the Benefits of Firewall

There are many benefits of firewall, but the above are the main ones. You, too, can enjoy them and grow your business.

Don’t let hackers find their way into your business. If you can, find reputable IT gurus to help you install a firewall and keep the hackers at bay. Remember to train your employees too on the importance of data protection and security in your business.

Have you learned something new about data security? We write informative guides to inspire our readers to adopt the right technology methods in their businesses.

We also provide digital marketing tips to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses well. Please read the rest of our blogs to learn more and get inspired.


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