6 Body Gesture Emojis And When To Use Them

When we are far from our friends and loved ones, we often feel lonely, depressed, and have an anxiety attack. Communication is vital in our daily lives now, especially if most of us are suffering from these things because of this pandemic. Staying connected to the people who are dear to us will help us go on with life.

Thanks to our technology and online applications, staying connected with people is a lot easier now. Online communication and text messages have become more exciting and fun because of the virtual language, the emojis. Below are some of the body gestures that are available in emojis for your reference.

Person Shrugging 

A person shrugging is one of the emojis that shows body gestures. This emoji is a person wearing a blue long sleeve while shrugging their two shoulders. This emoji is also known as the idk emoji. This emoji has different variations representing you as a male or female with different skin complexions, such as dark tone, light tone, and more skin tones.

You can use this emoji when you try to convey to someone that you have no idea what they are talking about, unknowledgeable, or by simply answering a question, “I don’t know.” The emoji has different representations depending on which application, social media, or phone you are using. 

Person Frowning 

The person frowning emoji comes with two different genders, the male and the female. This emoji’s facial expression shows two eyebrows scrunched, the mouth looks sad, and its two eyes are looking downwards. There are different skin complexions which you can use in this emoji, light tone, medium tone, dark tone, and yellow one.

This emoji conveys sadness, upset, frowning with dismay, and feeling down. You can easily send this to your friends if you feel these types of emotions, and they will get what you’re trying to say. Different images describe the frowning emoji, depending on what smartphone or platform you are using. 

Person Tipping Hand 

The tipping hand person emoji can also be called a woman tipping hand or man tipping hand emoji. This emoji looks like a person with long blue sleeves tipping their right hand on their shoulder as if they are carrying a tray of drinks or just flipping their hand up. This emoji was originally known before as an Information desk person.

You can use this emoji when you are sassy or sarcastic to your friends. This emoji can also be used when you are just flicking your hair as if you’re trying to tell them, “I told you so.” You can change the skin complexion of this emoji, depending on your very own skin complexion. 

Person Raising Hand 

The person raising hand emoji looks like a human wearing a blue sweater with its left hand holding up in the air. This emoji also has a male and a female version with different skin complexion options for you to choose that would best describe yourself. You could use this emoji if you wanted to raise a question to your friends, usually used in group messages.

You may also use this person if you wanted to share something in the middle of a conversation. Since school days, everyone knows this gesture, where we are obliged to raise our hands when we are trying to answer a question or ask something. This emoji also has different images in different phones and apps with the same meaning. 

Person Bowing 

This emoji represents a person bowing with three to four triangle marks above its head. This gesture is known in japan as dogeza. The person bowing emoji expresses apology and respect. You can also use this emoji when you are asking your friend a huge favor. Some people misinterpret this emoji as a person doing push-ups or having a massage.

Person Facepalming

The person facepalming emoji usually looks like a woman but also can be customized into a male. It is a person wearing a blue shirt with her right hand pressing towards her face. You can use this emoji to convey the feeling of being frustrated or embarrassed by someone’s attitude or doing. 

You can also send this emoji if you are tired of listening to someone’s dramas and lies. The person facepalming emoji has different images on different applications, social media, and smartphones. 


Emojis are now the new way of communication; they are known as the first and most used virtual language. People use emojis not just for fun and excitement in a conversation but also to give more meaning in every conversation. The body gestures are one of the most used emojis in a group chat or message.

Each body language has its meaning, and each one can be customized according to your skin complexion. You must always know each meaning of the emojis to avoid miscommunication and misunderstanding with your friends. 

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