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10 Pro Tips for Finding Freelance Writing Gigs



Are you considering becoming a freelance writer?

Writing can be a very rewarding career choice. After all, you get to decide how you work, how much time you spend working, and how much you charge. You also can write from anywhere in the world.

But most people wonder how to make freelance writing work for them. Finding consistent work as a freelance writer can be difficult, especially when there is so much competition. 

Don’t worry! There are some excellent ways to find freelance writing gigs, and we’ll go into 10 of them below.

  1. Contact Companies

Did you know that many freelance writers get paid, recurring gigs by reaching out to companies and bloggers?

This is because many people know the value of effective communication but don’t have the time or writing chops to compose pieces. This is where you come in.

  1. Use Your Contacts

Contacts can be a wonderful way to land jobs.

In fact, many employers hire people they personally know. Even if you don’t know anyone who’s hiring, ask your friends to put in a good word for you with their bosses.

  1. Build a Website

When looking for gigs, it helps to have a website for your business.

Having a website will help people looking for freelancers find you. It also might make potential employers have more confidence in you if they Google your name.

  1. Join Freelancer Websites

Thanks to the internet, some websites have been designed specifically to help match freelancers with clients. 

On these sites, freelancers can create profiles advertising what types of work they do, which potential clients can then review.

  1. Respond to Job Ads

Online job boards are not just for people looking for full-time work.

In fact, many people create ads in search of a freelance writer, as well. If you respond to these ads, you might get yourself some freelance writing gigs.

  1. Write For Free

Now, you might scratch your head at this one. This is supposed to be your bread and butter. Why should you write for free?

Here’s why: writing for websites gets your name out there. Depending on the audience size, you might be seen by thousands of people, meaning more potential customers.

  1. Set up a Social Media Page

Most businesses have social media pages, and yours should be no exception.

On your page, you can post blog articles and advertise your services. Invite all your friends to like your page so they remember you’re looking for work!

  1. Pitch to Websites

Did you know there are websites that pay writers handsomely?

If you’re interested, then consider pitching your ideas to them.

  1. Apply to a Content Agency

There are agencies that are almost always looking for a freelance writer to write content.

These agencies can have fairly consistent work. Just make sure that they pay well enough.

  1. Create Fantastic Content

More clients are going to want to work with you if turn out great content.

Because of this, it’s important to make each project a professional as you can.

Ready to Become a Freelance Writer?

If so, congratulations! It’s an exciting field to be in.

Now that you know how to find freelance writing gigs, you’ll need to know how to market yourself. Every business, whether freelance or not, needs a professional image, and we can help you get there!

Read more of our articles to learn about advancing your SEO and social media strategies today!


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