WordPress is around 2003 and is one highly popular blogging platform in the market. Over the past few years, WordPress also has become content management software for the non-blogging sites. So, here are some top reasons why WordPress-based is highly popular or why you may have to consider switching over to the WordPress platform for the company’s website and hire web design Auckland.



  • Ease of Use


It is very simple to use WordPress and it has an intuitive interface. By adding some new pages, images, blog posts, and more regularly it is a breeze as well as can be done fast. Because technology is very simple, and time spent in formatting is reduced.


  1. Manage Website from Computer

WordPress is the browser-based website. You may log in from any Internet-connected computer as well as manage the website very easily. You can ask the professional website design Auckland too.


  1. No HTML Editing and FTP Software Needed 

WordPress is the self-contained system as well as doesn’t need an HTML editing program (like Adobe Contribute and Dreamweaver). You may create the new page and blog post, upload images, format text, upload your documents, image galleries, video files, and more without any need for the additional HTML and FTP software.


  1. Search Engines Like WordPress Websites

The code behind the WordPress site is quite clean and easy, making it simple for the search engines to index and read the website’s content. Additionally, every page, post, as well as the image will have their keywords, description, or title, and get optimized for the specific keywords, and allowing for precise SEO. You may also use the tags to enhance your SEO efforts.


  1. You Have Total Control of Your Website

Now, no more waiting for your website designer to make easy updates on your website. With WordPress, you have total control of every aspect of the website and will easily make the simple updates on your own.


  1. Strong Developer Community

An above point will be made possible as WordPress has a strong developer community that helps to secure this, identify bugs, as well as the support platform. Also, the strong community means that it is simple to find help when required.


  1. Regular Updates & Patches

WordPress patches & updates will be released regularly. These will be getting rid of the bugs, to improve functionality, and to make your platform secure. It protects your site as well as keeps this working in an ever-changing area of the internet, browser updates, phone models, as well as more.


  1. Huge Plugin Library

You will find the plugin for about any tool and feature you would like to add to WordPress. Most of them are free, however, even the premium plugins are generally inexpensive. In some words, you may add a little functionality on your WordPress website without any need to write down code from scratch.


  1. Quick Development Time When Compared to Building It from Scratch

As this platform offers a basic infrastructure of the website, or plugins are accessible for all the common functions, web development time will be kept to the minimum on the WordPress-based sites. One other choice you have accessible is getting your website made from scratch, however, this takes a bit longer. 


  1. With WordPress-Based Site, It Is Simple to Add & Change Content

One more big benefit of WordPress is a fact it’s super easy to add or change the content. The user interface or text editor means that you may add attractive as well as highly expert pages or blog posts without any need to learn the line of code.


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